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Comment Re:Pick a different job. (Score 1) 548

Your worldview blinds you to facts. "Dump toxic chemicals into your ground water" violates the rights of other individuals . "The collective" is a floating abstraction - a word referring to nothing in reality - used by professional frauds to mislead fools like you.

Ok, so you own a bit of land down river from the bit of land I own. What right is dumping chemicals onto my bit of the river violating? What about damming the river on my land? How about if I catch all the fish swimming down-river so you can't fish any?

You're going to have to create some really nifty right to cover scenarios like that because it doesn't currently exist.

Comment Re:Open Source! At least it isnt DRM laden like St (Score 1) 88

(never mind that GOG also requires you to log in for first download, and they get praised as DRM-free).

Eh? I can run the installers without logging in.

Are you saying that you think DRM should be classified as needing to be logged in to download it after your purchase? How else would you get the installer?

Comment Re:Tesla owner's findings... (Score 1) 239

You say this, but if you ever went to check out a car and had to wait 20 seconds after turning the key how likely would you be to view that as a positive thing...

We're talking about a car here, people just expect them to work. This is why they even added "creep" as a feature because some people complained that the car didn't behave exactly like they expected a car to work. Perception is more important than practicality.

Comment Re:Huh (Score 1) 567

They do measure speed, it's literally visible on the site (you can see a pretty graph of your speed throughout the day, including bars showing 'high risk' times of day and such). The only 'guarantee' they make is that your rate won't be based on speeding. There is a guarantee they won't raise your rate based on the SnapShot thing alone IIRC, but if you trigger a rate adjustment in some other way there's no way you could really tell they used that data against you.

Whether the data they have is subpenoable I don't know. I haven't sent it back after the initial 6 months or so (I don't know what the person that said weeks was referring to, I had mine in much longer back when I originally enrolled on the policy).

Comment Re:Is this a surprise? (Score 1) 453

If I am in a meeting I scheduled, and someone my rank or lower answers their phone, I almost always immediately end the meeting, to be rescheduled later. I run meetings so as to waste the minimum amount of time required for everyone; I expect the same from others. The public shaming seems to work well at my current workplace.

So to reduce wasting people's time... you re-hold entire meetings if they ever get interrupted?

Wow, we'd never get anything done in meetings at my work if we dropped them at the hat when someone had to step out... people have schedules outside meetings. But then we also don't have a lot of meetings.

Comment Re:communications system? (Score 1) 149

I've been around software far too long to put implicit trust in any of it. I have no doubt they've made great strides, but there's no way I'd put my life in its hands just yet.

Oh, I'd agree there. But the keyword is "Yet" to me. They have a ways to go, but 5, 10, 20 years from now? I think we'll be a lot closer to the reality of a self driving car.

Till then there's plenty of legal and practical issues to solve though. So... I'll continue waiting.

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