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Comment Re:has this ever worked? (Score 1) 190

I agree with you that no one really dreams of moving to Sacramento for any reason, but a lot of people end up there. As a UC Davis graduate working for a software company in the Sacramento area (El Dorado Hills technically, about 40 minutes east of Sac), I'd have to say it does seem like a little version of Silicon Valley in some ways. Not Sacramento itself, to be more specific Folsom and El Dorado Hills, because there's a huge Intel campus in Folsom, and lots of little tech and software companies strewn around the whole area. I wish there were more software companies in Sacramento proper though, because when I moved from Sac to Folsom to reduce my commute stresses my cost of living doubled. Stupid sub-burbs.

Comment Re:Try LSD (Score 2, Informative) 380

I think most intelligent people who have used psychedelic drugs would attest to this. There's definitely certain things hardwired into our brains, and certain drugs can open up those areas for exploration. LSD and psilocybin both induce a predisposition for religious and spiritual thoughts, as well as many of the patterns and images found in the earliest of art.

GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - Death of Open Source in Russia?

Alexander Ufimtsev writes: "CNews reports that the Russian Ministry of Information and Communication has come up with an ingenious plan to prevent Alexander Ponosov-like cases once and for all by purchasing a blanket software licenses for all schools in the country (English translation).

From the article:

The ministry has negotiated with major producers of software on the possibility of a single centralized procurement. According to the minister, as a result of discussions producers have agreed to the unique conditions of licensing for the school...

After studying the needs of regions, Ministry of Information and Communication formed the a unified list of software for school computers. This list includes operating system, office, graphical editors and antivirus software...
With this communist era plan looking very likely to be approved, soon we could be witnessing beginning of the end of open source movement in Russia."

Submission + - 77 Cisco Router Models Open To 'drive-by pharming'

dark_15 writes: "Cisco is warning users that nearly 80 of its routers are vulnerable to a hack tactic that got play last week. Dubbed "drive-by pharming" by Symantec and university researchers who first publicized the danger in a paper, the attack involves luring users to malicious sites where a device's default password is used to redirect them to bogus sites. Once they are at those sites, their identities could be stolen or malware could be force-fed to their computers."

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