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Comment Re:DGW - Dinosaurogenic Global Warming (Score 1) 164

>>No, you go fuck yourself you both sided libertarian retard. Conservatives and libertarians (another kind of conservative) OWN this you lying psychopath and we need to make you PAY for your fucking evil habits.

Please tell me this was a parody of the Global-Warmist-as-Medieval-Inquisitor variety. If not, then you're really starting to scare us...

Comment You know it's going to suck for China... (Score 1) 64

When they go to war with us and lo and behold they find that their people have just as many, if not far more, of these shit for quality IoT devices on their domestic internet. It's going to be the Internet equivalent of two countries nuking each other off the face of the planet as China-controlled bots in the US attack us and NSA-controlled botnets in China attack them.

The Chinese government needs to wake up to the fact that these devices are just as much of a threat to them as they are to us and work with us to make the whole ecosystem more secure.

Comment Re: Because (Score 1) 414

If you are being attacked, its too late.

Depends on what you mean by being attacked. If the bad guy is pointing a gun at your head already then yeah it's too late. But usually you have some time to react in a home invasion robbery, if your house is not completely insecure.

If its not too late, you should run, or hide behind something first.

What, run where? You're upstairs in your bedroom, and you hear the sound of breaking glass downstairs and someone forcing the patio door open. You run? Jump out the window? Leave the kids in their bedroom and just take off running?

If you hear gun shots in the distance and go investigate with your gun out

I personally don't know anyone who is so mentally retarded that they would do that. If you hear gunshots in the distance, as in not on or near your house, you absolutely do not run out into the street looking to "investigate". Leave that to the cops. You lock your doors and windows, and if you have a gun you get it ready just in case. In any event you dial 911.

If its for protecting your house, a finger print reader is better than locking up your guns from children if you lack the time to unlock them in an emergency.

My iphone has one of the best fingerprint readers on the market, according to smartphone reviews. And it's not even close to being reliable enough. It's pretty much useless when my hands are sweaty. And in a life and death situation there's a pretty good chance my hands are gonna start sweating.

Comment Why we need Distributism more than ever (Score 2) 60

The only economic system the West hasn't tried on a serious level is Distributism and sadly, Distributism is the only system that answers this economic problem of having a faustian bargain of monopolies or government control. When a business has to operate on that dichotomy, society turns over the work to a non-profit corporation that manages the infrastructure as a social good, works fairly with the private sector and is sufficiently powerful to resist undue political pressure.

If that sounds almost feudal, well it is influenced by the old feudal system. Under Distributism, such a corporation would not be state owned. It would be the equivalent of a feudal lord with a letter patent granting rights and authority to operate. That means Congress could still act and force its hand, but it would take Congress acting with a serious majority and mandate.

Comment As long as it is vaccines qua vaccines, that's ok (Score 4, Interesting) 623

When you say we can't trust any vaccines, that's not a sound professional opinion. However, when you jump into attacking people who don't want to get Gardasil (which is far less safe than most vaccines) or Anthrax (many military veterans have had serious problems with it) because we can trust the Polio and MMR vaccines you're even worse than the anti-vaxxers. Know why? Because all it takes to disprove an anti-vaxxer is show the real harm that the core vaccines that are battle-tested prevent. Some science popularizing elitist wingnut who borrows from the legitimacy of those vaccines to hound people who don't accept that vaccines as a category are safe (because no medicine as a category, is categorically safe) is directly tying the reputation of proven medicine to unproven medicine.

Comment Re:In all honesty... (Score 5, Insightful) 239

I've really not been impressed by all of the Hillary-bashing Wikileaks has been doing lately

So you only like the truth leaked when it's about people you don't like? If there's damning evidence that's being hidden about people you agree with, you would want it hidden?

they're not saying a damned thing about Trump. And it's pretty fucking unlikely they don't have anything on Trump.

Trump was not a gov't official so there isn't gonna be any classified material to reveal about him. He had a real estate business and a TV show. There's plenty of dirt on Trump, like the recording of him talking about groping pussies and such, but revealing those do not require whistleblower protection or the assistance of Wikileaks. You can just take that straight to Extra or CNN.

Dirt about Hillary's doings while a high ranking gov't official is not so safe to reveal. If you get caught leaking it you go to jail. That's where wikileaks comes in.

Comment Re:Phone (Score 4, Insightful) 239

Or maybe not support the candidate that wants to stop all trade with Latin countries and calls all Latinos bad hombres.

Actual quote is "some bad hombres". Not "all". I know you believe your cause is just and the other side is evil and therefore it's okay to lie or fudge things here and there, but to neutral observers it makes whatever you say less credible.

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