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Comment Without their needed displays Pebble was doomed (Score 5, Interesting) 182

Pebble had a single source supplier for their displays.

That source is in financial trouble and unable to produce the displays Pebble depends on.

Therefore Pebble has no products to sell and thus no cash flow.

Therefore Pebble has had to wind down operations and pay off creditors.

Pebble's IP has some value to Fitbit and hiring a few of Pebble's suddenly-available engineers is a no-brainer but Fitbit has no interest in the Pebble company or it's products.

The lesson is to be very leery of DEPENDING on a single source supplier. Pebble was a healthy going concern until they could no longer get their needed displays. Then it went off the rails.

Comment True, but you won't like the solution (Score 1) 278

A school can't correct for a class filled with poor single parent household kids who refuse to be educated

A school cannot, but society can. All it would take is a degree of ruthlessness on the part of the law-abiding and productive majority in dealing with them.

1. End no fault divorce.
2. Provide that unwed, non-custodial fathers are entitled to no welfare or public housing at all.
3. Provide that unwed mothers can never receive more than 1/3 the welfare of married mothers.
4. Inflict corporal punishment on men who abandon their children.
5. Make having two or more children out of wedlock (including outside of common law marriage) that you cannot fully support without welfare, for men or women, would be treated as a sex offense under the logic that it is sexual social parasitism.

You may not like that, but it would work. All society has to do to such people is give them a harsh ultimatum. That is, you can socialize the cost of your lifestyle, but the cost will be your freedom and autonomy since you aren't an invalid and this is by your own doing.

Comment Know that "privilege" you like to talk about? (Score 5, Insightful) 278

All of these initiatives keep reinforcing it. Wake me up when some poor, rural community or ghetto school has seen a major improvement. I'm sick and tired of the nonsense where we give an already decent school more resources, some middle class kid (probably a girl) gets cajoled into taking CS as an elective and it's like "look ma, we're fighting inequality and making America work for everyone!"

FFS, we half of the kids that leave (one way or another) from inner city schools are functionally illiterate and we worry that some middle class kid who doesn't have enough curiosity to google "how to start programming" is not going to start? Priorities, you don't have them...

Comment Re: So, that one time you got drunk (Score 1) 251

Despite having the word "Auto" in it, driving while getting Autofellatio is crazy. Getting fellatio from a passenger while driving is almost but not quite equally crazy. A passenger who would eagerly perform the service would be crazy to do so unless you pull over and stop driving first. Friends don't give friends fellatio while they are driving. Consult expert advice about such matters.

Comment Re:Better up the Military Budget (Score 1) 331

We're going to need a LOT more killer drones people.

Yes, really. Once resources become scarce enough, and suddenly a catastrophe eliminates a large chunk of them, there will be a lot of people fighting for survival and a share of the planet's resources.

(Idea: the government should tax us for clean air and clean water. It costs money to add pollution controls. People should have to pay for it. You don't think clean air grows on trees do you?)

Comment Re:What contract? (Score 2) 103

You could probably sell them as modified Fords. As long as the customer understood what he was getting.

If a customer had a problem with a Ford that turned out to be a modified Ford and the modifications were the problem (or even if they weren't) then Ford would likely take action. They rightly don't want their valuable brand name tarnished by someone's modifications.

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