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Comment Re:My prediction (Score 1) 283

The ISPs are whores. They'll do anything for money. The ISPs, just like Pilate, will wash their hands of it to soothe their alleged conscience so they can sleep at night. Or more likely so that the law makers cannot come after the ISPs. "Hey, we were just selling data as the law allows. The law didn't specify that rich and/or self-important people were exempt."

Comment Re: My prediction (Score 0) 283

As an example, I would point out Marcus Bachmann, the husband of ex-senator and ex-human being Michele Bachmann. Just Google his name and look at Google Images. A few years ago when the Bachmann's gay-conversion therapy business was big news, a site gave Marcus Bachmann a lifetime subscription. (Yes, really, but I don't have a link to an article.) No word on whether he has ever taken advantage of their generous offer.

Comment Re:The gov is just trying to level the field (Score 4, Insightful) 283

I choose whether or not I give Google certain information. Google may be able to deduce personal details about my life. But my ISP should not be able to. I should be able to safely hide behind a screen name without my ISP guessing things about my life.

Comment Re:Battery (Score 1) 93

what recent high-end phone from a major manufacturer has a removable battery? High-end meaning performance good enough to compete with iphone 7.

This is not a satirical question, I honestly don't know and would like to find out which of the latest iphone competitors has a removable battery.

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