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Comment Re:not for long (Score 4, Informative) 198

Your comment would make sense if EFL/E17 did not already support OpenGL ES on embedded devices. Illume, the E17 variant designed for mobile/embedded devices, already runs quite well with hardware/OpenGL acceleration on platforms like Maemo, and I already have built and successfully run EFL-based OpenGL apps on the Palm Pre (available in the WebOS Internals WIDK tree).

Evas was designed from the ground up to be modular and support every graphics platform known to man. Windows GDI, DirectX, iPhone OS, X11, WebOS, native Linux Framebuffer, SDL, OpenGL, OpenGL ES - you name it, EFL runs on it. Evas will take advantage of hardware acceleration when it is available, but benchmarks actually show that in many instances, when it comes to regular UI graphics operations, OpenGL/hardware accelerated interfaces don't necessarily perform better than Evas' own software engine and in several cases are actually worse -- on the Palm Pre, for example, GLES is actually much slower at doing things like alpha blending. So in that respect, yes, hardware does have some catching up to do.

Comment Re:There is no freedom on smartphones (Score 1) 684

Actually the Pre's homebrew is very different from iPhone jailbreaking and is not even a "hack" anymore. For one, it does not void your warranty. Two, you don't have to circumvent any vendor restrictions to do it, and you don't even have to get root access to your phone to install homebrew apps -- all you have to do is download the novacom component from Palm's web site and a handy app installer utility. In fact, once you've installed the "Preware" app you can install homebrew apps directly to your phone OTA. Apps that start off in the homebrew catalog actually end up graduating to the "official" app catalog once they satisfy Palm's vetting requirements -- e.g. the excellent gDial Pro Google Voice app. Palm's attitude towards homebrew is very, very different from Apple's attitude towards jailbreakers.

Also, you're wrong about OS updates -- the way Palm has opened things up, it would be virtually impossible to disable homebrew without also killing off all public access to the SDK and pretty much breaking everything. Homebrew is pretty much here to stay.


Investors Bailing On SCO Stock, SCOX Plummets 368

HailDorothy writes "SCO's stock price is plummeting in the aftermath of Judge Kimball's ruling that Novell owns the UNIX copyrights, as we discussed earlier. '[W]e will continue to explore our options with respect to how we move forward from here,' SCO said in a public statement issued in a futile attempt to calm investors. SCO's stock price has fallen 70 percent during trading today, reaching a 52-week low. It looks like the end is near for SCO, which still owes Novell 95 percent of the SVRX UNIX royalties it collected from Microsoft and Sun through the SCOsource program. As Judge Kimbell noted in his ruling, it's unlikely that Novell will ever be able to collect on those royalties."

SCO Loses 643

An anonymous reader writes "The one summary judgement that puts a stick into SCO's spokes has just come down. The judge in the epic SCO case has ruled that SCO doesn't own the Unix copyrights. With that one decision, a whole bunch of other decisions will fall like dominoes. As PJ says, 'That's Aaaaall, Folks! ... All right, all you Doubting Thomases. I double dog dare you to complain about the US court system now. I told you if you would just be patient, I had confidence in the system's ability to sort this out in the end. But we must say thank you to Novell and especially to its legal team for the incredible work they have done. I know it's not technically over and there will be more to slog through, but they won what matters most, and it's been a plum pleasin' pleasure watching you work. The entire FOSS community thanks you for your skill and all the hard work and thanks go to Novell for being willing to see this through."

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