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Submission + - Valve's Steam Platform Arriving on Linux Soon (

xbeefsupreme writes: Valve's PC gaming platform Steam is available to users of Windows, and as of 2010, Macintosh computers. For years there have been rumors about a Linux version of the Steam software. Despite Valve's denials of this, it seems the company has finally decided to release Steam for Linux, and it could arrive in a little as a few months. The company is testing a steam client for Linux and already a version of Left 4 Dead 2 running natively on Ubuntu 11.10.

Submission + - Trojan Laden Firefox Update Lurking in the Wild ( 1

hypnosec writes: Scammers are circulating a fake Firefox email which claims to contain an update to the web browser but installs a password stealing Trojan instead. According to a post on security firm Sophos’ Naked Security blog, the email claims to be from the open source web browser makers. For those who don’t know, the Firfox web browser updates itself automatically.

Submission + - Cartridge-based video game pioneer dies at 70 (

xbeefsupreme writes: Jerry Lawson, an early pioneer in the video game industry, has died at age 70 due to complications from diabetes. Lawson was the key engineer behind the Fairchild Channel F console game system. The Channel F wasn’t a tremendous commercial success—it was quickly eclipsed by Atari systems that hit the market the next year—but it was the first system to use interchangeable ROM cartridges to load games, paving the way not only for Atari but for innumerable console systems and game developers that followed, including the likes of Nintendo and Sega.

Submission + - Paul Haggis Vs The Church of Scientology (

eldavojohn writes: It's a lengthy read but Lawrence Wright at The New Yorker has released a 26 page expose on Scientology. In a world where such innocuous sounding words as "squirrels," "security-checked," "disconnection," "contra-survival," "suppressive persons," "clear" and "open season" carry very serious and heavy baggage, director Paul Haggis has exited after thirty four years of membership and massive funding. And now he speaks out at length of Scientology's controversies. From how celebrities were recruited with a 10% commission by a worker at Beverly Hills Playhouse to the current investigation by the FBI of physical abuse and human trafficking, Wright draws surrounding histories and accounts of the Church including Anonymous' crusade. The length of this article reflects the unusually large number (12 cases of physical abuse) of individuals cited as testimony of Scientology Leader David Miscavige's inurement and physical violence. The case remains open as the FBI collects data and testimony — especially in relation to Sea Org. Most disturbing are the disappearances of people that The New Yorker piece enumerates. The piece concludes with the author's interaction with the Church that results in several conflicting foundational statements from its stance on homosexuality (Haggis' original reason for publicly leaving it) to almost all details of L. Ron Hubbard's naval service and discharge. The article ends with Haggis' quote: 'I was in a cult for thirty-four years. Everyone else could see it. I don't know why I couldn't.' You can find summaries of the lengthy article and its suspected results along with corresponding reports listing politicians involved with the Church. Copyrighted work, leaked government documents, PS3 encryption keys and everything else has been posted on Slashdot but only the Church of Scientology has forced comments out of existence.

Submission + - Oxford University tests universal flu vaccine (

dbune writes: A universal flu vaccine has been tested by scientists at Oxford University. The immunization could provide protection against all known strains of the flu, which will protect billions more against the flu virus. The vaccine hits a different part of the flu virus and does away with costly yearly re...

Submission + - Will Killzone 3 be the boost Sony needs? (

kube00 writes: Killzone 3 is an example of a Beta done well. This game will sell systems. Plenty of content and easy game play. It so simple anyone can jump in and play. Could this be the "Halo Killer? Or is Killzone 3 going to be the "Call of Duty" Killer? No matter what, this the kind of fps Sony gamers need.

Submission + - EFF Attempts To Stop "Patriot" Act In Its Tracks (

An anonymous reader writes: The EFF has set up a petition to stop the Patriot Act.

Last year, many important PATRIOT reform measures were proposed and debated, and 2010 began with a bill filled with powerful new checks and balances being reported favorably out of the House Judiciary Committee. But, as the bill ran up against the deadline, Congress decided there was not enough time to fully consider those reforms. So, in February 2010, Congress instead extended the "sunsetting" sections of the law until the end of this February, with a promise to fully consider the issues before the next deadline.


Submission + - Microsoft Now Expects to Sell 5 Million Kinects ( 1

donniebaseball23 writes: This is a big week for Microsoft as the company kicks off its hugely anticipated Kinect launch, starting November 4 with thousands of retail locations holding midnight events. Microsoft is so bullish on the Xbox 360 camera system that the company today boosted its sales forecast from 3 million units to 5 million units for this holiday. It's looking like the device will be in very high demand, and Microsoft might not be able to keep up, says Ubisoft's SVP of sales and marketing, Tony Key, who told IndustryGamers, "We’re supporting this system in a big way. We believe in it, and to be blunt about it, depending on how fast Microsoft can make these units and replenish these units, we believe that the Kinect is going to be hard to get. It’s going to be sold out a lot this holiday season."

Submission + - Lawsuit says Apple iBricked 3GS to Boost iPhone 4 2

Ponca City writes: "Earlier this year, when Apple released the iPhone 4, it also offered an OS update to customers with older iPhone 3G and 3GS models. Now the San Francisco Chronicle reports that an angry iPhone owner is accusing Apple of purposely designing the software upgrade so it would break older iPhones, forcing customers to upgrade to the iPhone 4. According to the complaint by Biana Wofford, Apple knew that the update from iOS 3.x would turn her iPhone 3G into a "device with little more use than that of a paper weight" and also criticized Apple over the difficulty in downgrading to the previous operating system without having to become a hacker. "A lot of customers — myself included--found that the "upgrade" to iOS 4 created crippling performance problems on older phones," writes Matt Rosoff. Although Apple probably isn't as devious as the plaintiffs imagine- — it probably just didn't test iOS 4 on older phones very thoroughly adds Rosoff. "But the plaintiffs do make one good point: once you upgraded the OS, it was impossible to downgrade without violating Apple's terms and conditions.""

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