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Comment Re:A Libertarian World (Score 1) 2058

This is a government run fire protection service, not the libertarian privately run one. The big difference is the incentive or lack of incentive of the public service to respond. A private company could surely respond, then stick the homeowner for a large bill. You can certainly pay the full bill for this type of service. Maybe not right away, but over a year it could easily be done. Healthcare can likewise be paid out of pocket. The purpose of insurance is for situations where a person could not financially handle a sudden large liability. Like cancer. Not like fire protection services.

Comment Oracle Sun Fire X4540 (Score 2, Funny) 609

48 SATA drives onboard a 4U rack, dual six-core opterons, redundant power supply. This thing won't let you down. Go big and heavy with this and it'll cost $1/GB. Make sure to ask for a discount, only suckers pay full price for Oracle gear.

Comment Remember you need two backups (Score 1) 272

A single backup using rsync isn't going to cut it. Imagine backing up corrupted data, overwriting other stuff. Also, having all backups on the same network is a bad idea if malware ever gets in. Your second level of backup should probably be tape, making a monthly and a yearly backup. Then store the tapes in a concrete and steel fire safe. Tape has longevity that your other options don't.

Comment The Real Story (Score 1) 144

Whats crazy is that the 2nd place team as of this writing is Principia College, a school of only 500 students and no engineering dept or major. If they pull out a win it could go down as one of the biggest upsets in college sports(?) history. Of course they would need to beat a team that has millions in funding and its own satellite for weather data and a team of meteorologists.

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