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Comment Re:Program ideas for severely disabled kids (Score 1) 75

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Yes in GCompris we take care to avoid time limited activities which implies tuning them on the 'average' children and excluding disabled children.

Doing a slidesow is a good idea. In the Gtk+ version we have an animation tool that we have not yet ported. But I like the idea to have in GCompris an office suite for children. We have everything needed on our wiki to start developping a new activity and our IRC channel is very active, don't hesitate to join.

Comment Re:Good language support is important (Score 1) 75

The, "in app" approach let users test the software before buying it. There is nothing in GCompris like buy a bonus or a virtual items. Huftis did mention an option to hide locked activities so that the children is not even exposed to them but it will be in the next release.

BTW, for other reasons, like restricted accounts it is desirable to have a paid application, so I am please to tell you that you will get it.

Comment Re:Good language support is important (Score 1) 75

Yes are right, I don't like my post. I try to make it as concise as possible and missed many important points. I wanted to avoid copying our Android news.

I also expected slashod readers with children in the 2 to 10 age range to already know GCompris and the message to them was to let them know we are now on Android. I maybe too optimistic on that.

Comment Re:That is *not* "free" software (Score 1) 75

More to the point, Android is an open source and freely redistributable platform.

Android AOSP is the Open Source part of Android used by Cyanogen for example to create a fully open source mobile operating system. But the Android store who is provided on most Android devices is not part of AOSP and for sure is not Open Source.

Comment Re:Need a hand? (Score 1) 75

This is slashdot. But look at the good side - you made the front page.

Sure, I am happy for GCompris to be on the front page and was ready for harsh comments.

Do you consider Android to be proprietary - just wondering.

Part or Android is free software but for sure the store is not. We are looking for contributors willing to help us to package GCompris on F-Droid.org which is fully free software compliant. It let people using a fully free Android system to get applications outside the Google store and which are guaranteed to be free.

Also, I'll email you with a correct translation from the original french

Great, your patch will be welcome.

Comment Re:Useless summary is useless (Score 2) 75

You are quiet rude with us. This is a community based project trying to help children all over the world. Many contributors are not native english but we do an effort to do everything in english to have a wide audience and ease the translations. That said, feel free to send us patches for our web site, the source code for it is here: http://quickgit.kde.org/?p=web...

Submission + - The Free Educational Software GCompris Comes to Android (gcompris.net)

xarma writes: GCompris is a reference in its category on GNU/Linux but also on Windows. Its development started in 2000 in Gtk+. Last year the development team, willing to address the tablet and PC users from a single code base, took the hard decision to fully rewrite it in Qt Quick. The new version is now developed under the KDE community umbrella. After one year of work, a first release has been shipped on the Android play store. Continuing on its original funding approach, it remains a free software but requires a fee on proprietary platforms.

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