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Comment Secure Doors (Score 5, Interesting) 66

Almost all of the "secure door" readers are actually very dumb, and will let basically any card with any kind of account number on the mag stripe open the door. I've opened them with gift cards and rewards cards. The doors are not normally networked to any sort of identification system. They are usually tied to a motion sensor and will not not open if someone is still in the enclosure, and will record the stripe data that is presented to them.

Comment Re:Caller ID Blocker (Score 2) 253

Calling line ID spoofing is very common in corporate systems. Some carrier require to you identify you call to them, but still allow you pass a spoofed ID on to the called party. There are some very legitimate reasons for this such as: Changing your call back number to a toll-free number, and maintaining the original calling number on forwarded calls.

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