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Comment Social Media IS? (Score 1) 190

I know there are differences in British English VS American English, but I was pretty sure since social media is not an entity and it is a reference to something, that the correct usage would be "Social Media is driving Americans insane" - especially given the article is about Americans.

Comment I call "BS" - FB no different than TV (Score 1) 139

Let's compare the TV - it's a medium to get different channels, where some channels feature one news station that can be pretty biased.

FB is a medium where you subscribe to whichever news outlet you prefer. It's like adding an RSS feed for each news site you like.

They're pretty similar, they are both full of shit, and they both feature biased content every now and then and allow you to choose what to watch. They both also have paid advertisers showing you what they want to show you. So if anything, both of them are more like eating at a buffet. Sure, you can just grab the delicious chicken tenders and nothing else, or you can make smart choices on what shows up in your feed.

Comment Re:You know ... (Score 1) 213

And this got cemented when they were selling the gold plated "gee but I'm a rich asshole" version. I'm pretty sure I've never heard a single person who could finish the sentence "I want a smart watch because ..." with anything substantive.

Android or Apple, I don't see any value in splashing out for something which they still are hoping someone will create the thing which makes it useful.

I wanted a smart watch because I wanted to track my sleep more accurately without putting my phone next to the bed and have it get knocked over, or have it be confused when my girlfriend moves but not me. I also like being able to track my fitness, and check the time and my calendar without waking my phone up. I also enjoy getting authentication codes without needing to wake up my phone, or pull it out of my pocket (why does this simple task become so burdensome?)

I agree it's not necessity, but neither are smart phones. It's just a convenient extension. However, it is not a $550 worth convenience. And this is why I got a Pebble Time and not any other kind of Smartwatch. It is interesting to see the new things people come up with.

I'd say once the price point reaches $60-100 dollars it is more affordable to justify such basic conveniences.

Comment Pebble Time (Score 5, Interesting) 213

Meanwhile, my Pebble Time, which was recently released, has a ton of apps on it. And it lasts for 7 days, is 30m water proof, has an accelerometer for fitness or sleep tracking, and a microphone for text responding or other features. Oh, and a color display.

It connects to Android AND Apple devices. I can control music from it, read texts, check my calendar, and something else too, I can't quite remember, I think it has to do with a clock.. Oh well.

Why would I want an Apple Watch for more than twice the cost again?

Comment Shark Fishing from Piers (Score 2) 92

I'm surprised no one looked into Shark fishing from piers and shores as a possible cause of the Shark attacks.

There are many other articles. It makes sense to me. If you lure sharks closer to the shore by throwing dead meat in the ocean then yeah they are probably going to attack swimmers. This is why some districts ban this. It clearly locates their feeding area (or their perception of it) closer to where legs are dangling in the ocean.

Why do people make things complicated?

Submission + - Supreme Court justices hold stock in tech vendors, other firms (

xantonin writes: "Chief Justice John Roberts owned up to US $750,000 in shares of Time Warner and its subsidiaries at the time the media giant filed a brief in ABC v. Aereo, which broadcasters won 6-3 last June, with Roberts in the majority. Aereo was a start-up offering TV service to subscribers through specialized antenna farms."

Submission + - Valve sells out of pre-orders for Steam hardware (

An anonymous reader writes: Valve has announced that it has sold out of units for the initial "get it early" offer (with its expected delivery on October 16). Any orders placed from now on will instead be delivered weeks later on November 10.

Comment Not All Fats are Equal (Score 1) 244

This seems rather unfair. There has been a lot of research about some fats actually being good for you and trans fats are bad. Perhaps a new name needs to be given to fats since fats are ESSENTIAL to the diet for brain health, which would seem to contradict what this article is stating without further clarification.

Grain Brain is a good book on healthy fats and the impact of CARBS on brain health. Note that here Carbs is referenced as a whole, and not just sugars - seems backwards of this study which perhaps more accurately should be "High Trans Fat and Carbs can lead to cognitive decline" which is nothing new.

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