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Comment Re:Try This One Weird Trick to use it with a Rift (Score 1) 32

<quote><p>Pretty freaking awesome.</p><p>Flying over places like Manhattan, the Fukushima power plant, Gibraltar, et cetera.</p><p>Looking up places you lived when you were a kid.</p><p>Humming the theme music to the first Superman movie... ...or maybe that was just me.</p></quote>

I think HTC's postbot is stuck.

Comment Westward Ho! (Score 2) 474

Putting the practical aspects of getting there aside, this is no different than what many of our ancestors did at one time. Saying goodbye to everyone and everything that is familiar for the adventure of the unknown. Yes you will die. Quickly or slowly, in anticipated or unexpected ways.

Many people cannot envision a one way journey but others can. My great grandfather came to the US to join his sons. My great grandmother did not.

Comment Re:Normally I'm pro regulation (Score 1) 146

"That said, I don't think those forces have ever really been allowed to operate to their full extent, for a sufficient amount of time, outside of fictional accounts"

Is the word "monopoly" fictional? That is the end result of non-regulated market forces. Next time you read about a blockbuster M&A just substitute "increased market share" with "reduced competition". And with reduced competition comes less pressure to innovate and improve.

My guess is that Theranos will stop marketing itself as a technologically innovative company. Instead it will try to get funding to compete as a service provider at the national level in hopes of leveraging its name recognition into enough market share to be acquired. The end game of many an entrepreneurial MBA.

Comment Think of the Children! (Score 1) 331

If VB were to be open sourced some poor misguided fool might start using it to teach kids how to code in a simple point and click environment when they could be learning how to create responsive web pages! Why bother learning to do it yourself when you can just pull in megabytes of other peoples code to do your left padding!

Submission + - Telltale Signs You're Much Smarter Than Average

xanthos writes: Interesting post on LinkedIn by author Dr. Travis Bradberry regarding traits identified with intelligence: Anxiety, Early Reader, Left Handedness and Music Lessons.

So Slashdotters, how many of these traits apply to you? And what does this imply for secure right handed video watching music streamers?

Comment Think of the Old People! (Score 1) 149

Unless you're like a grandma who's only electronic device besides a TV is her Kindle that she was gifted.

Damn, where are my mod points when I need them!

A couple of years ago we gifted our aging parents with Kindles and they love them!

And yes, the only other technology they own is their TV. No computers, no smartphones, no WiFi.
So what should they do? Find someplace in the sticks with free WiFi and figure out how to connect? Go and side load off a public library computer?
Great options for an 83 yro newbie who doesn't drive.

So I guess Amazon's REAL solution for people like them to access their paid for content will be for us to buy them new Kindles! and BTW, the trade in value for the older models is $0.

Guess we know how Bezos is paying for his space toys.

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