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Submission + - Phrack has reborn : #64 is out

The Circle of Lost Hackers writes: "The hacking electronic magazine Phrack is back online. A new issue has been released this week-end, which ends up more than a year and a half without publication. This issue features a mix of scene articles and many highly technical papers dealing with almost all topics of computer hacking: Hardware, Code analysis & Reverse engineering, previously unpublished Kernel & Heap exploits techniques, applied network intrusion on Windows and UNIX, Cryptanalysis, OsX kernel tricks, are waiting for you. A new volume of a very high quality that reminds some old-school issues as it also includes its amount of Underground and body/mind experiences reports. A must read."

Submission + - What is the best bug-as-a-feature?

Bat Country writes: The workflow system at the department I develop for was hand-coded by my predecessor in a rather short amount of time, resulting in somewhat unreadable code with a number of interesting "features."

When I took over maintenance of the code base, I started patching bugs and cleaning up the code in preparation for a new set of features.

When I was done however, I got a pile of complaints about features which disappeared which turned out to be caused by the bugs in the code.
So that leads me to ask, what is your favorite bug that you either can't live without or makes your life easier?

Submission + - Saturn's mysterious hexagon

jcotton writes: Here's your chance to name something much bigger than a street after yourself. TierneyLab hereby promises to name Saturn's mysterious hexagon after the reader who comes up with the most entertaining explanation for this 15,000-mile wide feature at the planet's north pole. NASA says it looks like clouds are whipping around. The New York Times, science times and space.com all report.

Submission + - Paper pulls plug on "Anti-Christ" contribu

netbuzz writes: "Every media site on the Web wants "user-generated content." But what happens when a user wants to generate content under a pseudonym such as "Anti-Christ." Charles Merrill — a member of both the Merrill Lynch and Johnson & Johnson families — says a paper in North Carolina yanked his posting privileges after two weeks of using that moniker. "Offensive," the paper called it. Now Merrill is launching an offensive of his own, publicly charging the paper with discriminating against atheists. ... Publishers can expect to confront these types of issues in direct proportion to the degree with which they embrace user-generated content — a reasonable price to pay, but a price nonetheless.

http://www.networkworld.com/community/?q=node/1303 5"

Submission + - Free Computers and Consoles For Weapons

An anonymous reader writes: Reuters is reporting that officals in Mexico City have started a program to give away free computers and consoles for turning in weapons. From the article :

Launching the program Tuesday in the notorious inner-city barrio of Tepito, which police stormed last month, city police chief Joel Ortega said anyone who turns in a high-caliber weapon like a machine gun will get a computer. Owners can swap smaller guns for cash or Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox video-game consoles under the plan.

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