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Comment Re:Unless gas prices are affected... (Score 1) 857

Give me free college just like the African Americans and Latinos and Single Moms and Sudanese and pretty much everyone who isn't a white male/female with no kids...

I wish freebies worked by skin-color, but it doesn't. Black male here, from the boomerang generation, since our futures are being inflated away from ever increasing amounts of fiat money. Sorry but if your family is in certain tax-brackets you don't get free anything, hence my nice 100k student loan bill for trying to be a productive citizen in society..("Be cool stay in school right... " and I graduated fortunately and will pay it back quickly, because staying at mama's house while making 6figs [pre-tax and pre-inflation] never seemed any wiser )

Point is...these things we're seeing are no longer color based and you and I as the working people have more in common now than at any other time in history, some elite scum bags are raping us and the question is, what are we gonna do about it.

Black guy hopeful Obama meant change but he voted for this crap and I'm voting Barr on this one point.

Don't tell me this had to be done, we already infused the meltdown earlier this year with 200bil we already infused 600bil into wall street last week, now another 850 bil...common sense people. Something needs to be done, that comes from the people, ALL of US. Divide and Conquer, they've won for the time being.

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