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Comment This isnt science or revealing. (Score 5, Interesting) 144

Not only is a variable being ignored its nearly the central reason for all the hoopla in this story. For all the millions of dollars wasted on major league players you would think that holding the main tool of the game properly would be a given but its not. Old timers from the dawn days of baseball knew this but it seems to have been forgotten sometime in the past 50 years. If these yahoos that call themselves pros really wanted to pound the ball they would learn how to hold the damn bat properly and not in such a way that it flexes excessively or breaks, both of which is an incomplete transference of the energy from batter to ball. The bat has a grain like all wood and this grain runs along the side of the bat at 90 degrees to the label. Holding the bat with the label up or down causes this area of bat to be the main contact area. "With the grain" the bat is much stronger and stiffer transferring more of the batters' energy to the ball and of course flying further. "Across the grain" the wood is weaker and more likely to flex or break as the fibers deform. No one has ever broken a bat "with the grain." In the bat breaking sequence you can clearly see the label is nearly square on to the direction of the pitch. The other vids aren't as easy to see the orientation of the bat but the excessive flex is telling. This "researcher" needs to find a player who knows how to hold the bat properly and repeat said observations. Then he will discover what the old timers who played in cornfields knew a century ago.

Comment Re:STRAIGHT TALK (Score 1) 375

This. A Galaxy Nexus and a Straight Talk plan. Coverage in my area is far better than the Verizon/Sprint/CDMA. Unlimited everything, no contract. I compared this route to my sons ATT/iPhone setup and at the end of 2 years I am ahead $1k, but use the same network and have a phone that is the equal of the much hyped Apple offering. Granted, ATT is only a 3.75G network, but it's fast enough for all I do. YMMV

Comment Re:"Almost"? (Score 1) 616

Hey if you are going to start green-lighting destroying things that are a "pointless waste of resources" by all means let me start my list, I should warn you though that at least the first 1000 items are all going to be human beings. I drive my vehicle because it suits my needs, without it I'm out of work, some ass wants to burn it is ASKING for a bullet in the face. Am I allowed to burn people's TVs because all they watch is Jerry Springer and "reality" shows?

Word! TV in general and JS & 'reality TV' in particular, makes the brains dribble out of the ears. Part of the problem is the 'S' in SUV, I dont have a SUV, I have an UV - Utility Vehicle. And yes I have a class B license too, I can drive trucks a lot bigger that 'Burb. If you condone the use of 'fire' the noun, I condone the use of 'fire' the verb.

Comment Just another case of life imitating sci-fi (Score 1) 162

Im surprised no one has mentioned the "Giant's Drink" game from "Ender's Game" by O.S. Card. It was an AI game that reprogrammed itself based on what each individual player was doing. Turned out to be a psych evaluation tool more than a game. Was in later books of the series the genesis of a universe spanning consciousness.

Comment Re:Holy Crap! Calm down (Score 1) 1092

Jesus H Christ on a crutch! You want to lojack your kid? You are part of the problem instead of the solution. If your kid is so helpless she cant find her bus, it means either she rides the short bus or you wasted her first five years by failing as a parent to train her properly. 1.Teach your kid how to get on the right bus, and how deal with getting lost. 2.Send your kid to a school that is competent. If you can afford a high tech solution you can afford homeschooling or private school. 3.See #1. A gadgets battery can die, a name tag can come unpinned, school officials will make mistakes, but your kids brain cant fall out, shut off, or stop working. And yes, I speak from experience. I have raised 7 to adulthood and working on 2 more, none of which got lost. And if your kid puts up enough resistance to being put on the wrong bus, the school will call you, at which time you get a free shot at giving the school an ass-chewing for not being smarter than the kid. (true story)

Comment Re:Arguably, the notes are hers (Score 1) 931

You have to be an AC to post this brainless crap. Shes the creator? Are you even on the same planet as the rest of us? No teacher in any public school for the past 50 years has had an original thought. Everything they 'teach' is a pre-thought thought, carefully written in a textbook, and a matching teachers book, vetted by a battery of federal and state bureaucrats. Teachers don't teach, they regurgitate facts and figures, and expect you to do the same, with no original thought or examination. Ask yourself, are science teachers scientists? Are economics teachers economists? Are math teachers mathematicians? Hell no they aren't, they are indoctrination specialists. If this is a college level issue, even worse. You paid out of your own pocket for that knowledge, its yours. BTW, you paid for the public schooling too, its called taxes.

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