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Comment Re:so why would i buy a blackberry? (Score 1) 193

- Yes there are models with a keyboard.
- No, you cannot change the OS or bootloader. This is very locked down.
- No, it doesn't have root access and no one has been able to get at it since v2.0. It doesn't come with terminal but you can install one. It comes with everything else.
- No, they don't support add-ons, scripting or modding.
- You can install your own software.
- If you say Android treats you like an idiot, then I suppose this does too. You have full filesystem (other than root-only files) access all the way back to /, it's a unix system, you have samba access, you have uncompromised bluetooth transfer.
- They will come with Snapdragon S4 processor, same as Windows Phone 8 devices. 1280x720 display is standard but the first device will be 1280x768. Keyboard model is 720x720.
- It will have micro HDMI, micro USB, a micro SD card slot and a micro SIM slot for 4G. Same as the Dev Alpha devices.
- It is not possible to replace OS/ bootloader and I doubt anyone will ever be able to.
- It's probably going to be quite expensive. Worth the money depends on the person.

Comment Re:The question is... (Score 2) 193

It took from 2 days to 2 weeks for most of the apps to past QA.
I have apps from the port-a-thon that still haven't gone through QA yet though.

Their QA is very strict. Also, for the portathon you can't have apps that are too similar, apps that perform a single or simple function or apps that don't meet their quality checks. They don't even accept emulators.

Comment Re:IMHO Apple is becoming a scummy advertiser (Score 3, Insightful) 193

You can easily get WiFi in your house and it is known you will need to transmit WiFi to receive it. Worst case scenario you can go to a coffee shop and get WiFi.
But the 4G on the tablet won't receive the 4G that the local Telcos provide. If you want to use that 4G, you'll have no luck in Australia, Europe, Asia. You have to go to North America!

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