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Comment Re:IBM and Microsoft (Score 2) 129

I agree with you on Microsoft : "multinational technology company, specializing in internet-related services and products, with headquarters in the United States,"
But IBM? : "multinational corporation providing online social media and networking services." I would've said Facebook.

So, who fits the bill for "Asia-based manufacturer of computer hardware," ... founded some time in the late '80s.

Comment I never use them (Score 1) 266

As someone who's used Chrome every day for the last five years - I had to right click on the tab to see what menu options this article talking about. I've never used them, never needed them and never known they're there.

If you use tabbed browsing properly (one window per subject, one tab per page) you would never need to close "all windows but this" or "all windows right of this" - and if you do, how hard is it to tear the primary tab out then close the remaining window with your unneeded tabs.

It seems usage statistics indicate most users share this view.

Heading should read: "After collecting usage statistics for almost two years, Chrome developers decide to remove two unnecessary menu options."

Comment Re: Has Wikileaks jumped the shark? (Score 1) 269

Bragging to an "Access Hollywood" Reporter, on an "Access Hollywood" bus, right before shooting an "Access Hollywood" walk-in.
Then, the recording was kept for 11 years.

I'll agree that he never intended those comments be published, but saying it was "accidentally recorded on a [...] microphone that he wasn't aware of" is a bit of a stretch.

Comment Re:You have to know how to secure a Windows 10 PC (Score 1) 982

A better answer to your question is that I haven't found any features of Windows 10 that would warrant my updating from Windows 7.

Another answer would be that I haven't found any features of Windows 10 that would warrant NOT updating. All the pissing and moaning is about default settings - ie. settings you can change. You do not have to use a Microsoft account, it's a free upgrade, and you can set your security and privacy settings back to your paranoid 'do-not-share' custom settings.

Microsoft are giving this out for free, and there ARE features that might not be worth the upgrade, but are worth having. If you're on Windows 8, it's nice to have a start menu back. If you're on Windows 7, it's really nice to have all the admin options at the convenience of [win]-x or a right click on the 'start menu'.

Seriously, Windows 10 is more than 8 months old. If your apps don't work on Windows 10, stick it to the app developer. I hope they don't take 8 months to fix security bugs too.

Yes, I would recommend upgrading to Windows 10. You won't notice any 'killer apps', but you sure-as-hell notice the lack of functionality when you sit in front of a Windows 7 PC after using Windows 10 for a couple of months.

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