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Comment Re:Wow.. if only we americans didn't spend on defe (Score 2, Insightful) 202

>Yeah, well I sure beat the Italians wish they spent more money on their army after WWII. Its a shame they had to rebuild their entire freaking country. History, >doesn't teach us anything.

hi, i write from italy, emh, the bridge is new, is not rebuilded after the WWII, its a shame that the US Gov spent too much money in army to make war all around the world instead spending in istruction and story book.

BWT the bridge is not a good things, many of the people living in Sicilia and Calabria don't want it, cos will be devastating for enviroment.. but the Italy "president" Silvio Berlusconi (bleah!!) need to do this for glory and ammiration of people who don't know the real story of the bridge.

ok. sorry from my bad english, shame that italian gov didnt spent some money in english book .... :)

greetings from the Family ;)

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