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Comment Re:Minor Fluctuation? (Score 4, Informative) 560

Or the fact that we are still coming off of an Ice Age that lasted for more than 100,000 years, and ended less than 10,000 years ago (Or the little Ice Age that ended in 1850). Several models predict that the average temperature at the END of the last Ice Age was 15-20C lower than today.

Is global warming happening? Yes. Is the human race a contributing factor? Probably to some degree. Is the human race the only cause? No.

Comment Re:The statistics (Score 1) 934

Oh I totally understand. My point was more that those that support Gun Control for the purpose of saving lives tend to ignore the fact that the homicide rate has been falling for 20+ years.

People would also consider the statistics you cite as Racist. Though they are true. I would take a step back and just point out that some 90-95% of gun violence are gang related or drug related.

Comment Re:The statistics (Score 1) 934

Here is an interesting statistic, the murder rate has been falling since the late 80's/early 90's and is roughly half of what it was (10.2 to 4.7). It seems like if the goal is to save lives, that this would be the number people would use instead of specifying HOW they were murdered.

Comment Re:Gun control (Score 1) 934

That only accounts for Legally obtained fully automatic weapons. What about Illegally obtained fully automatic weapons. Besides the fact that you completely ignore the nuances of the NFA and FOPA act of 1986 is staggering. It is COMPLETELY legal to own fully automatic weapons, however those willing to pay the price and go through the hassle tend to not be criminals. Instead they pay their brother vinny 20$ to illegally convert it for them.

Comment Re:Remind me why this is needed? (Score 1) 550

Based on my experiences on how most people that cant explain something simply are usually not as well versed on subjects as they think. And my 4 years in local city government. The best laws I have seen are concise, if you make them too big you risk scope creep and governmental waste. Complexity does NOT mean good or correct.

There is so much ambiguity in current law that the average person commits 3 felonies a day. (Just good "felonies per day")

As for your ad hominem attacks, no real response is needed. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Comment Re:Because plastic is for pansies (Score 1) 333

Have fun! And since you cry [Citation Needed] Please verify all of your bullshit statistics about Venezuelan Gun control. The fact is the country and cartels are the biggest threats in that country. Also make sure your statistics are coming from an unbiased and reputable source.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 2) 333

Well, the majority of Firearm related fatalities are suicides. More than 60% in fact, but that isnt what is being debunked.

First of all your assumption that the outcome of those suicides would be different if there were not firearms is spurious at best. But the the report that is typically referenced is the Kellermann report. In the report kellermann only accepted cases of self defense where there was more than 1 aggressor. That means only a few percent of reports were considered matters of self defense. He also included those where the situation was an aggressor knew the firearms owner and attacked him as a "family member, friend or acquaintance" being shot unjustly. And if all of those were note bad enough, it was included that when a Police officer is forced to shoot a criminal in the criminals own house, that they were counted as a "family member, friend or acquaintance" being shot unjustly. It is all around bad statistics that are highly misleading. The biggest take away from his data set is that criminals get shot but sometimes those criminals are "family member, friend or acquaintance".

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