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Comment Re:Landlords are not middle class (Score 2) 106

I own a second home that I bought and fixed up to rent. That was the fruit from a year when I bought three properties with the aim of either flipping them or fixing then up and keeping then as rentals -- flipped the second and the third burned down during construction. I made less than $50K last year. Your definition of upper class would include me, and that's ridiculous.

Comment Re:if you run a VPN, they can't do shit (Score 2) 112

Because I have only had one problem to date. I went nuts one month and downloaded probably over 350gb. Not including streaming. TimeWarner throttled me. I paid $6/month for a vpn for 3 months and then after that no throttling, so I stopped vpn. That was 6 years ago. I still have TW. When I get throttled again or receive some c&c letter, then I get the vpn again. Why pay when I don't need it?


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