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Comment Re:I'm also somewhat resistant to code reviews (Score 1) 509

In my office, the "significant time" for a code review is the 5-10 minutes between "Hey, have time for a code review?" and "Thanks". All code reviews are in person and pre-commit. Bugs are occasionally found, and the savings in not having to fix those bugs later are significantly higher than the time it takes to do code reviews.

Comment Re:Jealousy of Google perks, nothing more (Score 1) 631

The confusion here is income tax vs sales tax. The following is based on New York state tax law, but may be applicable here:

If (using your example) you buy ingredients at the supermarket and your wife makes the meal, there is no sales tax because unprepared food is not taxed.
If you buy a prepared meal at a restaurant, you pay sales tax.
If your employer gives you a free lunch, you don't pay sales tax on that, but you must report it as income on tax day, just like your salary. If you ate 50 meals that year, with an approximate value of $10 each, you would need to report $500 of income.

Comment Re:A sudden attack of reason (Score 1) 238

All this said, you should donate to the policeman survivors fund (I do) but also be aware there are a dozen other professions who die at a higher rate than they do (including farmers, alaskan fisherman, and coal miners).

Or garbage men, truck drivers, pizza delivery boys...

Cops like people to think they have a dangerous job because it gets them a lot of sympathy, but the most dangerous part of their job is driving around all day.

Comment Re:I've felt like this for years, too (Score 1) 425

I had my fair share of legos when I was a child

Did you have a sands pit

Are you saying the plural of lego is lego, or that lego is already plural? Would you say "come play with my lego"? If the singular of "sand" is "a grain of sand", is the singular of "lego" "a block of lego"?

and a waters pistol?

Wait, legos are liquid now?

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