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Comment Re:Or (Score 1) 217

I still think the iPhone is much more of a hackers platform than any android phone. It is kind of long but I'm going to recycle a recent comment: --- What's funny is, iOS jailbroken is actually a nerd's paradise. Much more so than android actually. On the iPhone, you have a full apt package system, a terminal running bash, OpenSSH/OpenSSL tools, server, client, etc. a full GCC dev environement, etc. A lot of this stuff is stuff you just don't get on Android at any level. You get a terminal out of the box with android, but what do you get? Busybox. Guh. Want SSH? You get Dropbear. The package system sucks compared to APT. I've never tried getting GCC running on the phone but I don't imagine it is easy, if at all possible. With the iPhone I really feel like I have a full computer running in my pocket. I asked several android hackers why you are limited with these crappy tools on the phone itself, and they replied it was an embedded device so you get embedded tools. I'm sorry but something with 1-2 cores at >1GHz, a GPU that far outstrips anything on my earlier computers, and 32 gigs of NV storage is -not- an embedded device, I don't care how small it is. You get all this, PLUS a UI that (only IMO I understand) is far more fluid and nicer to use than Android. Don't get my wrong I'm not just yelling across the fence. I had a Nexus one for a good few months. I tried hard to like it, but in the end when the i4 came out, I jumped ship like it was on fire. There is of course, hassle. I don't like to restore from backup so Every time there is a major firmware update I actually wipe my phone clean, then sync all my apps over fresh. But thanks to several tools out there it isn't a total restart. There is hassle but for me, android has a LONG way to go, especially on the hacker front to be anywhere near the iPhone in terms of UI -AND- geekery. ---

mod parent up. I've been saying this for so long. With a jailbroken iPhone, you _can_ do more than what you could do with an android phone.

Comment Re:Close one (Score 1) 88

A scientific expedition to the Titanic will create a detailed three-dimensional map of the world's most famous shipwreck.

Oh, thank God. From the title I thought Hollywood was re-releasing Titanic in 3-D. Although the guy hitting the propeller would be pretty cool in 3-D.

Funny you say that. They are doing a re-release of the movie in 3D for a 2011 release.

Comment Re:Verizon (Score 1) 95

I have it on good authority (I've worked at my fair share of cell phone operators globally) that all of the Major networks around the world will be going to LTE.. If they are on CDMA now (like Verizon) they will go straight to LET, if they are on GSM / wCDMA / UMTS they will go to LTE next..

Its not a question of if but when..

Both parent and GP are confusing the terminology. LTE *is* UMTS.

Think of this way: There is GSM, the standard for wireless telephony all around the world. Then there was a bolt-on standard called GPRS, which basically was an add-on to GSM to allow it to support data packet delivery for web, MMS, voicemail alerts, email, etc etc. It was pretty slowwwww. The GPRS add-on, then was improved and they called it EDGE. EDGE was simply GPRS, but with enhancements to error correction and other minor tweaks. This was quite a speed boost. So you have GSM as your phone standard, and GPRS/EDGE as your data packet delivery standard sitting on top of GSM.

Now, the underlying standard that these data add-on enhancements are part of, GSM, needed a face-lift as well. So GSM was upgraded, and renamed to UMTS. UMTS is backwards compatible with GSM, and technically this is also due to them being so closely related. Just think of UMTS as GSM 2.0.

With UMTS, or a "new GSM version", came it's own set of add-on technologies for data packet delivery: HSDPA/HSUPA. Just like how GPRS/EDGE was an add-on to GSM, HSDPA/HSUPA are an add-on to UMTS. These add-ons, also use CDMA-based modulation schemes, and this is where the confusion comes into play. Verizon is a CDMA2000-based network. When people say AT&T/T-Mobile are not CDMA, they really mean it's not from the CDMA2000 (and beyond) family of standards. The GSM/UMTS family never used CDMA modulation before until HSDPA/HSUPA came along, so that's why there's confusion. Just to clarify: GSM/UMTS are not CDMA-based phone standards, but in some areas their nice slick fast data packet delivery add-on enhancements like HSDPA/HSUPA do in fact now make use of CDMA modulation. That's just the data add-on though, all basic telephony control data, phone audio, and SMS is all done the regular non-CDMA UMTS way.

Soon, HSDPA/HSUPA won't be enough. And now a new enhancement to UMTS is coming: LTE. LTE doesn't use CDMA modulation, but regardless of how it works or what modulation it does use, it is STILL a data packet add-on to the UMTS standard. It is NOT a replacement to UMTS. Verizon is the one finally switching to UMTS, and this most likely means Verizon phones will finally use SIM cards now (since UMTS requires it, being that it's really just a newer version of GSM). Think of it this way, Verizon finally realized the dead-end to their standards, and since the GSM/UMTS guys got a new toy to add to their system (LTE), they're jumping ship and joining the rest of the freaking world in GSM/UMTS land.

Comment Re:Competition is a good thing (Score 1) 1184

It's all smoke & mirrors (and some processing in the background). The primary limitation right now is the lens size, not the sensors or the quality of the lenses. You won't get a significantly better picture without increasing the size of the lens, which it doesn't look like Apple is doing.

Not exactly true. You can increase the lens size OR the sensor size. This same thing was explained when DSLRs first came out touting 35mm sensors. If you increase the sensor size, then your lens quality matters less. The same relationship works in the opposite direction: You can keep the sensor the same size, but increase the lens quality.

Comment Re:Not as evil as suggested (Score 1) 271

I thought Google (and many many other domains) were already doing this?

When I DNS for, I assumed (excluding caching):

I first requested the DNS address of the COM. authoritative server, then that gave me the IP address of google's dns servers.

Then Google's DNS servers read my IP address, and based on where I was located, send me a localized IP for the www sub-domain. If you are running a domain, don't you get to hand out IP addresses direct to those who are requesting?

what am I missing here?

Comment Re:Attention bearded folk: (Score 2, Informative) 706

I can almost guarantee no studio quality movie has ever been released using only linux for post processing.

Yes there are lots of FX houses using Linux heavily for post-production work. Maybe not "only on Linux" but it's definitely used heavily. Look at digitaldomain, they even release some of their own products for rotoscope and compositing. And they're Linux-only tools.

Comment Re:Three words: (Score 1) 443

meh. When I was young I obsessed over the Titanic. built scale models of it. Watched multiple specials. Built LEGO versions. Bought books on it. I was really into the history.

When James Cameron made it, he went to insane detail to make it historically accurate. He tracked down many of the companies that furnished the original Titanic and contracted them to furnish the set. Hell, even the company that made the original plates on the dinner tables were tracked down. To any historian, Cameron did a superb job in making a film about the Titanic.

and the icing on the cake: he went down to those cold depths and actually filmed the real Titanic to use in the film.

The love story was just a cheap carrier. I think I remember Cameron saying in an interview once that he essentially convinced a movie studio to pay for him to go down and see the boat he obsessed over since he was a child. Although I don't see why everyone hates on the story so much (I didn't think it was awesome, but it was an adequate carrier to immerse you into the event and time-frame), I don't get why everyone was so shocked he made that film and how everyone separates that from the rest of his work.

Most of his films are about human interface with technology, and what happens when we rely on it too much. And he always uses a love story as the carrier. The Titanic was aligned with everything else he did.

Sorry you didn't appreciate it, but to historians and titanic-geeks, that film was great! I could have cared less for the love story, but it DID help me place my mind into that setting more. Cameron's just a director who falls in love with geeky things, and that's why I love his films.

Comment He can do it on the iPhone (Score 1) 287

The inventor commented on how he would like to do that with the iPhone, but then said it would be hard to get the cooperation from Apple.

I suggest he look into the jailbreaking dev community. There are already a few dozen custom keyboards you can put on your iPhone that will fully replace the keyboard and is universal for all apps. I believe there is a jailbreak app specifically for this that uses plugin-based keyboard themes. I can't remember the name off the top of my head, but it's there.

Comment Re:get rid of shitty teachers (Score 1) 373

if I had mod points left, I'd mod you up. Very well spoken, I feel you've explained my exact situation and opinion on the matter.

The problem I have now is finding time to study and make use of all the interests I have.

That's what I've found with medication treatment as well. It has changed my life.

On the one hand, I tend to agree with the people who think giving young people ADD medication tends to turn them into robots when they might have been more creative otherwise.

I look back and think that it was necessary to live untreated. The creativity and character building is key to being able to live happier later in life and also improve intelligence. Like you said, when you hit that window, is when you need to decide.

Comment Re:Court first then cut. (Score 1) 263

Then it sounds like you have nothing to worry about. Of course I find it hard to believe that people would download music instead of ripping it themselves...

You're being sarcastic? It's much less work to find a perfectly ripped album on the internet these days, then it is to dig up that old scratched disc, get the best audio ripping software to clean it up, and to encode and tag your files. Not to mention, research into encoding formats and quality settings. Why do all that when there's millions of others who already did all this work for you?

Of course, I'm not speaking for myself. I know all those things, and can do it with very minimal effort (I'm sure most of the slashdot community is the same), but I'm speaking for the one level above joe sixpack here.

And that's just talking about CDs. You really want to do the work of ripping some vinyl when some kiddie got credit for it on some site because he used his multi-thousand dollar record player and sound card to make a perfect clean copy?

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