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Comment Re:Would somone drunk give the same answer? (Score 1) 144

Lol, why are you so insulting/angry?
I only smoked once or twice pure hashish. Otherwise I put it into cakes or chocolate.

No idea what point you want to prove. Perhaps you are very sensitive to another stuff that is in hashish or weed? I doubt you, I mean you asa person, get particular high from THC. That would be an extra ordinary exception to the rest of mankind :)
On the other hand, you did not tell us your dosage, but I understood you already are affected from relatively low dosages?

Comment Re:User friendly (Score 2) 301

Or that Windows 95 user who had never turned his computer off since the day he got it, he was utterly impressed that all kinds of stuff began to work after our support staff rebooted it for him...

As funny as that is: but you do know that a real computer just runs and does not need any reboots? Just wondering ...

Comment Re:"More Professional Than Ever" (Score -1, Flamebait) 301

Obviously you are a troll and never really looked around e.g. for package management.

What about "apt -get", "home brew", "MacPorts" etc. ?

If you find MBPs over prized, don't buy them and hackintosh another laptop. Actually If you find a solid laptop, that lasts a few years, silent ofc. external monitor support and it costs me less than a day to hackintosh it, send me a message.

If it takes more than a day I rather pay in Euro and buy another MBP ... it is not worth my time to tinker with a computer. I need them like other people need a car. I like top open the lid and start working in 5 seconds ... not wait 1 minute till it has woken up from sleep (as all windows Laptops seem to do)

Comment Re:North west passage is ice free (Score 1) 407

Because the population would not want it.
And a sinking ship like that would wreck so much havoc in maritim life that huge deals of industries depending on it would run bankrupt. Think about tourism ...

A sunk oil hauler already costs billions in damage, and that happens roughly every 10 years, consider a ship sinks because the reactor goes boom ... yes, that is unlikely.

They probably sold the ships to them.
Unlikely, we don't have such industries anymore.

And the upfront costs no one could afford, even if it is in the long run cheaper than an oil powered ship.

Comment Re:I've seen this before (Score 1) 407

I fail to see how the size matter here, just build more of them. You know, cheaper by the dozen, right?
Well, /. is full with experts about this, ask around.
The design of a land based reactor for electric power production and a naval reactor is completely different. The safety measures are completely different, the availability of sea water changes everything.
If something goes wrong you sink the vessel.

You assume that wind and solar will get cheaper but nuclear power can not or will not.
Mining and fuel processing does not get cheaper, how could it?
Nor does waste processing (yeah, you will answer with the myth that waste can be burned ... it can't, in the end you always have nuclear waste)

There will need to be new materials used, such as nickel alloys, to hold up to the higher temperatures from these highly efficient reactors.
Reactors are not "efficient". They simply decay their material. Efficient is the steam turbine and heat exchange behind them: and those are not efficient by any means, the maximum theoretically (thermo dynamic) efficiency is ~42% and that we reached decade ago,

Nuclear power is expensive only because the government decided it would be expensive.
Then propose your cheaper licensing costs ...
The idea that licensing costs are even remotely in the range of the raw construction cost: is absurd.

There are at least four companies in North America doing research on molten salt reactors and they know what materials to use. Then there are people in China, Japan, and probably elsewhere figuring this out. All that is needed is a license to build one to figure out some of the details for mass production.

They all are not doing LFTR, but based on other salts. Also they are not based on Thorium, yet. But having the same fundamental problems. Why don't you watch the projects and see how they overrun their projected costs? And then wait for the first refueling :D and then when they realize after the third or fourth refueling that they have to shut it down because the properties of the salt has changed dramatically over time due to the spent fuel in the salt?

If they decided it was no longer going to be expensive then we'll see it cheaper than coal, that's quite certain.
That is absolutely not certain as mining uranium is expensive. Processing it up, to. However your calculation might be right with exploding coal prices in 50 years :D

Comment Re: Every Month This Year Has Been the Hottest (Score 1) 407

And the ones before where 100,000 year long inter glaciers with 50,000 year long glacier periods.

There is no "glacier periods are longer than inter glacier periods" rule. It basically depends on the average temperature of the whole ice age, or the drift of it.

The question is how you define the glacier period. Basically they say if it is less than X square miles of glaciers it is an inter glacier, is it more than it is a glacier. On the other hand they define the extends depending on landmarks and if the glaciers cross one, they say it is a glacier period.

No idea if there is a huge difference between american and european terminology. Here we have consents that the last glacier period ended 15,000 - 16,000 years ago ... so the simplest estimate is this inter glacier phase will last about as long as the previous glacier phase. Which would be 60k - 90k years minus the above 15k - 16k.

Comment Re:So are kinds of pain are equivalent to cold han (Score 1) 144

Can you describe it?

I mean, I thought about it, and I could imagine that I e.g. could get pain in my elbow or shoulder if my hand is to long in ice water.

On the other hand, I did that not as an experiment but when I had a bad injury and my foot joint and once burned my forearm,.

Perhaps the relieve of "the real pain" shadowed the potential pain of the cold.

Anyway, regardless of that, I never experienced cold as pain, e.g. -30 degrees cold snow, is just cold snow.

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