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Comment Re:Wouldn't need subsidies (Score 1) 248

Warrantee means the manufactor is confident the item lasts that long.
The 55 years were for pumps not generators, wind mills have usually a warrantee of 25/30 years.

If you use blades from your hilts, perhaps you should switch the manufator?

Oh, meant wind turbines ... If wind mills would be prone to lose blades they would not get a building permit. The idea that they lose blades on a regular basis is ridiculous.

Comment Re:Does it matter? (Score 1) 305


no the questions are not uncomfortable.

I'm not an american and find the idea that so many of you run around with firearms the main reason why I rather fly with Elon Musk to Mars than visit the Grand Canyon.

I wonder why you don't feel uncomfortable to live in a "kind of" first world country where gun violence is on the level of Somalia.

Comment Re:Wouldn't need subsidies (Score 1) 248

There would be a ... a thing ... something ... I think it is called like some kind of bird ... Eagle? Hm, Craw? Ah, I think it is a Crane ... clearly visible on the planes.

Never saw one ...

No idea where this american stupid idea of everything fails comes from.

Perhaps you like to google where the pumps come from that power the cooling cycles of your nuclear plants :D

The warranty on them is 55 years ... I worked for the company making them.

The only thing that can fail in a wind turbine generator chassis: is the ball bearing. So you replace it and you are good to go for another 30 years. Facepalm.

Comment Re:Wouldn't need subsidies (Score 1) 248

I am saying that any competent engineer could easily produce a design that could store all of its waste on-site,
Obviously. That is a no brainer.
You only need to make the site about 1000 times bigger as they are now.
Easy to solve for any engineer.
I bet even you can do that.

Why don't you simply stop the discussion and admit that you have no clue about the topic?

Comment Re:Everybody should be prepared to die. (Score 1) 457

The estimate in that wiki article is nonsense. :D so why should I check that. That is actually a no brainer.

As you can easy see, the amount of population in history was absurd low.

In the first shown graph all people that have lived from 1750 till 2010 barely come to the same amount as the people that do/will live from 2010 till 2100.

You/wikipedia only had point if you count all specimen of humans together and still then wikipedia would be off by a factor of 1000.

The second graph gives an estimate about how the population evolved over the last 12000 years.

Basically at any given time in history, the amount of people living at that time was greater than the sum of all people that have lived before.

Comment Re:What selfish bastards (Score 1) 198

The 3 million immigrants that Merkel let in and subsequent massive rise in rape and other crime in Germany,
Germany has 80 million inhabitants.
If Merkel "had let in" 3 Millions that would be roughly 5% of the original population, in other words for 100 Germans there suddenly would be 5 "strangers"

You must be able to suck on your middle finger and make a smart face and figure by your self that this idea is ABSURD.

Where ever you got that number from, I suggest to burn that newspaper.

The islamic terrorist attacks (most usually by recent immigrants) in cities all over the EU, most notably Paris.
First of all: there where like 4 during the last 5 years. So: not really a threat.
Secondly: the attacks where not done by immigrants. But by citizens of foreign background.

There are no immigrants coming to Europe, waving with a $1000 note and calling: 'where can I buy a gun?', and then running around killing people. You are an idiot!

have stated their objectives are to stay separate and overrun/take-over their host countries through massive population growth.
Citation needed Ooops, did I really say that?

How do you think it is mathematically possible that a minority of 3% to 5% can grow quickly in a reasonable time that it out grows and over takes the rest of the 95% - 97% of the population? Considering that only half of those 3% - 5% are women and actually can bear children and considering that pregnancy takes a 9 months and considering that none of the women will have more than lets say max 5 children (from which again only half are women and they need min. 14 years to be pregnant themselves?) ?

Considering that the rest of those 95% more or less keep a constant total number, the total population has to double that the "enemy" is even on par. That takes roughly 300 years. Do you really think in 300 years islamic immigrants still are following Islam or that they rather sit in a space station around Mars and watch the Pleade storm? Or if they still follow Islam (like the stupid Christians follow the Pope): does that still mean they want to conquer the world?

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