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Comment Re:Let China and others continue emissions growth (Score 1) 329

"The west" is very far left from my point of view.
But no idea what you actually mean with "the west" and "the far left".

Fact is that the western industrialized nations are responsible for ~75% of CO2 emissions. Not 1/3rd as you claim.

Do you remember the year when China surpassed the USA in CO2 emissions? No? Are you even certain that China produces more CO2 than the US? More than "the west"? More than the "far left"?

Then you should perhaps not post in discussions like this?

Comment Re:Moving goal posts (Score 1) 329

New York City was supposed to be under water by now.
Who claimed that? And who was so stupid to believe it?

Basing your arguments on idiocies does not make your point right.

I also can come up with: according to the apocalypse everything should be .... bla. But as it is not bla we certainly can do yuppie. Did that make sense? Nope? Neither did your post.

Comment Re:Is this the same "One Decade" we were promised. (Score 1) 329

El Ninhos and La Ninjas have no effect on global temperature.

They are local phenomena, albeit quit big ones. And both have no effect at all on global average temperature. They not even have an effect on average temperature in the areas where they occur. Both phenomena are just spots of hot water and cold water in the Pacific. One year distributed like this and the other year distributed like that.

There are excellent maps you can google for (e.g. Australian weather and climate institutes) which show the various distribution patterns.

Comment Re: Pretty sure I read this story last decade. (Score 1) 329

You seem to be an idiot.

Sure there is the offhand chance that in several centuries (and not decades as the fearmongers would like you to believe) the earth will be significantly hotter than today. So what?
The earth is already significantly hotter than, 15, 20, 30 or 40 years ago.
Pick your number. Winter temperature right now around my place +5 / -5 degrees. 30 years ago: -10 / -30 degrees. Just a very small difference ... that is CELSIUS btw. in case you have trouble to grasp how huge that difference is.

In fact historically the earth had been far, far hotter than today, with no particular drawbacks for its inhabitants at that time.
And at that time no human lived on the planet. So what exactly do you want to say? You don't care if mankind gets extinct? I would not care either if it was a slow death of lack of reproduction because of "what ever". But looking at Somalia and Sudan, I doubt it is a nice option to simply say: puh ... they kill each other until the rest can survive on the remaining food ...

Comment Re: Pretty sure I read this story last decade. (Score 1) 329

You seem to get it the wrong way.

The US are the only nation that first bluntly refused to cut emissions and then slowly started to do so but still is in denial. If you had not changed to electric power by gas plants: because of cheap gas you still would be polluter number one!

All other nations are working hard on cutting down emissions since 25 years. Except a few developing nations that try to catch up with the west first (and still have per capita significantly less emissions than the US).

Face it: the USA are the polluter of the planet, in all regards. And you somehow want to deny that by pin pointing single cases of worth pollution.

Comment Re:Legit Question (Score 2) 44

And some of the bad programming practices we see today is the result of developers jumping from one trendy language to the next while never taking the time to become proficient in any of them.
This is utter nonsense. Either you can program or you can't.
And jumping form language to language usually makes you a better programmer as you tend to learn to look at problems from different points of views.

We don't need more languages Of course we do. I rather write 4 lines of code in a new language than 40 line sin C or 400 in assembler.
we need better programmers. No we don't. Most programmers are good enough. We only need _more_ of the good ones. Not better ones.

Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 515

Depends what you call IT.

I do software architectures and hence have a close contact to IT. And for my work I do not need to know what a domain controller is.

As you where not able to give a three sentence explanation, I strongly suspect: you don't know either.

No, Macs and Linux machines don't need to be plugged to a "DC" ... perhaps you mean an LDAP server for user and rights management?

Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 515

On a Mac thee is no "walled garden", you mix up iPhons/iPads with Computers.

And what actually do you lose "in the real world" is beyond me.

I'm lucky I have not to cope with computers that "don't work" ...

It is pretty dumb that people consider themselves superior because they get computer working "that don't work" ... I expect my computer to work and not to change "behaviour" unless I change some settings.

When I change settings, I know how to change them back. On a linux/unix box all settings are in git anyway ... no way to do that on Windows.

So good luck with your ignorance.

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