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Comment Re:Ahh, another no-name two-bit "analytics" firm! (Score 1) 390

I know anecdotal evidence isn't valid, but I've always wondered where are the Androids? A few people at work have Android phones, and I see them around town, sparsely. As for tablets, I saw a Galaxy Tab last year and one this year. Other than that, I see them on the shelf at Best Buy. Almost everyone is carrying an iOS device. These reports of Android's crazy market share would be a lot more believable (to me) if they were consistent with physical evidence.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 96

Speculation: I was thinking maybe the parts of everyone's files are kept encrypted on other seeders. So, if you use 100GB, you must also donate 100GB to the cause for others' files. When they say the files aren't kept on remote servers, they mean centralized servers, like DropBox. Interesting concept...

Comment Re:From an iOS developer, thank you (Score 1) 601

Agreed. The "artificial slowing down of the phone to make you upgrade" is an absolute lie. Apple doesn't do business that way. What about the documented no-update-support-whatsoever on Android "to make you upgrade?"


Comment Re:Very curiously... (Score -1, Troll) 208

Then what damages does Apple deserve for what Samsung did?

Should it be ok for one company to do this to another?


I'd be angry if some company did that to me. Google warned them:


What justifies, "and rightfully so?"

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