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Comment It's clearly out of copyright (Score 2) 178

The melody is surely public domain based on Good Morning to All and putting new lyrics on it doesn't change that. That's why the rights reverted to the authors of Good Morning to All. You can't have it both ways. Haha, just kidding, a corporation wants it both ways, so the government will be happy to bend over for them. Still, if you want alternatives:

Comment Design Flaw (Score 1) 245

The truly weird thing is making droids to be disposable and treating that way in society, but also instilling fear and a sense of suffering in them in the first place. When they were designing droids, who thought, "I know: Let's program them to scream in terror when they die!"? If you're designing something to be used with no more thought than an electric toothbrush, why make them think they are people?

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