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Comment Is "winning" what we're talking about? (Score 1) 1

If Android device sales are outpacing IOS sales as of now, then perhaps we can assume that we're not going to see "winning" of one format, simply uptake of "devices" which may or may not be phones across the handheld market. Handhelds are gaining transformative abilities - carry one into the Metropolitan Museum of Art, use Google Googles to capture a piece of art, and get far more information than even an audio guide can provide on the work in front of you. That's an amazing application of a new technology. Superb products are coming down the pipeline from Apple, HTC, Samsung, and others, all of which incorporate cameras into their function sets. So the OP's suggestion that the two "sides" are playing different games seems to oversimplify the situation. IOS and Android are active mediators of our new augmented lives. The question perhaps is better phrased, "Are we happier this way?"

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