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Comment Re:Immature? (Score 1) 1141

nice to meet your acquaintance then. I'm part of your last paragraph, and like i said, 10 out of 11 hunters are absolute retards and shouldn't be allowed anywhere near what even resembles a weapon. We need to find a way though, to allow the people like me, who have use rifles to do varied things such as defend my family against "killer" bees, coyotes and angry javelina, as well as going hunting in order to provide food which is both at least as arguably healthy as anything in a supermarket, and as renewable as corn to continue doing what we do. It's just a huge pain in the ass that so many people use our desires as some sort of silly-party fight to keep their ridiculous notions going and just as many others use their "not quite as silly party" arguments going about how everyone who uses a gun is some sort of nutjob.

Comment Re:Immature? (Score 1) 1141

This is exactly why the hunters are so fervent about things. I'll freely agree with the earlier comment that for every responsible hunter, there are 10 who are irresponsible. I just went through a hunters safety course, required in order to get a hunting license, and other than me and my buddy who I'm going deer hunting with later this year, everyone seemed to be part of some sort of criminal conspiracy. However, by saying ALL hunters are morons does a disservice to those of us who actually care about the rules, as we are the people who might have some say, no matter how small on these idiots who vandalize private property for shits and giggles. The quoted post in this threat is definitely correct - if you give a moron a gun, or any other tool, they aren't going to use it in the way it is intended. The correct response is not to outlaw guns or hunting, but to actually make enforceable safety standards and licensing procedures which all but eliminate a person's excuse for using said tool in irresponsible ways. Don't just go knocking on all hunters as morons though, much like I won't go making fun of all people with "Pope" in their handle as child abusing papists.

Comment Re:value of wrong (Score 1) 513

Actually I like your example better, and the way that AZ is going these days, you might just get them to pass it. It sure would help to deal with the "illegal" problem. And by "illegal" I do mean anyone who breaks any law. Just kill them all and let God sort them out, right? To Misanthropy! Cheers!

Comment Re:the more attention you give morons... (Score 1) 574

That last paragraph makes as much sense to my first argument of "Let's stop calling anything that happens in the African continent as happening in 'Africa' and start using the name of the country it occurred in" as if you had just said that my father smelled of elderberries. Just like we can easily keep track of whatever that guy who sang "Purple Rain" is calling himself now, we should be able to use the names of given countries, instead of lumping them into the continent.

And even then your argument isn't sound, and now you've referenced "several centuries of consistent change." If we start talking about THAT, then every continent in the world has undergone enough "consistent change" over the course of 10-15 centuries that the African continent wouldn't stick out as being significant.

Now that we're fully off topic and just arguing amongst ourselves, how many swallows do you think it would take to carry a coconut from tropical locations to the British Isle?

Comment Re:the more attention you give morons... (Score 1) 574

So wait, basically, you're saying that it's ok to lump every African country into "Africa" when describing something that happens wholly within that country because "you can't count on many African countries to keep the same name for more than a generation." Yet you tell me that I fail at proving you wrong in claiming that this is true in other parts of the world because the parameters must now span a century? Which is it, a century or a generation? You can't keep expanding your time frame to fit your argument.

Or you know, you could just say "this happened in South Africa" instead of "Africa".

and now I've actually become that pain in the ass. Sorry.

Comment Re:the more attention you give morons... (Score 1) 574

Pretty sure that there are few citizens of the Irish Republic that might disagree with that statement. As well as anyone who lives in Austria/Hungary or the Ottoman Empire... Actually, hell, if that were the case, I would have been born in an American Territory and not a state. Let's not all try to sound like Miss Teen South Carolina 07 now.

Comment Re:the more attention you give morons... (Score 2, Informative) 574

not to be a pain in the ass, but can we start using names of countries within the continent of Africa instead of just lumping it all together as one? Using "Africa" as a catchall is like saying that a bunch of nutjobs are busy flying the Confederate Flag above a government legislature in the United States (well, to be more accurate, North America). I'm sure that at least 35 US states as well as Canada, Mexico, the entire Caribbean and Central America would prefer not to be lumped in to that "bunch of nutjobs" - so why do we do this to people on the continent of Africa? That said, this guy is off his rocker, and we should probably just send him to the North Pole to live out his days.

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