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Comment Re:I'm glad I support the Republicans (Score 1) 857

Didn't say I wanted to punish him, or even that I was going to vote for his opponent.
Just that I feel stupid for having believed that he might have stood behind the things he was saying.
Just that I can empathize with the people who have given up, because anyone who has a chance of being elected is a fucking sellout.
But no, I'll dutifully trot down to the polls in June and November and vote for whatever candidates make me gag the least.

It's like the response letters I've gotten back from BOTH of my senators, dutifully explaining to me why we must protect the rights of the MPAA and RIAA to the exclusion of mine. But I can vote for them, or I can vote for someone worse, who is against rights that I hold even more dearly.

Sooooooo tired.

Comment Re:Commerce maximalists? (Score 1) 332

You know, you didn't even have to RTFA for this, just reading the freaking summary would have been enough. Let's try again, shall we?

"A non-surgical procedure that treats joint pain involves removing stem cells from a patient's blood and reinserting them into the joint. The facility conducting these procedures resides in Colorado, but because it orders equipment to perform the procedure from outside of Colorado, the FDA claims it must regulate this process and it that it can classify stem cells as a drug."

Comment Free Market (Score 1) 1303

Why is it that all these "Free Market" GOP candidates never seem to point out that all the manufacturing jobs are going to the dreaded communist countries (or other totalitarian regimes)?

Maybe, just maybe, there's a link between between being obscenely profitable and using labor that has no rights whatsoever?

Comment Re:No, the US has too much freedom for Apple. (Score 4, Insightful) 1303

Or it might mean the difference between astronomical profits and just profits.

"With an estimated bill of materials between $170 to $220, depending on capacity, the manufacturing margins on the iPhone 4S are roughly 71-73%.

That, Whitmore concludes, "should support attractive corporate margins for AAPL for multiple quarters.""


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