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Comment People wonder why Trump is winning (Score 2) 352

This is just a different spin on the 'not enough qualified Americans for us to hire' chicanery that tech companies love to use. They want us to believe that they are not hiring H1-Bs because they can force them to do twice the work for half the pay and be contractually bound to them.

Cook, Zuckerberg, and the rest of the bigwigs are all in the tank for Clinton this year. If she gets in you can expect the tech industry to follow the same path as the textile industry out the door. On the bright side everybody will be able to use whichever bathroom they choose.

Comment Re: Meh. (Score 1) 175

First of all, I didn't start the comparison with the water company the other poster did. You can't make an analogy and ignore the parts that contradict your argument.

Increases in data flowing across the network incur costs to the service provider. It requires them to upgrade equipment and create smaller service groups which require the acquisition of additional equipment. It also requires additional vigilance in monitoring to maintain the quality of service. This whole idea that data is completely free and should be unlimited is not reality. If you don't know how these systems work then I would suggest not popping off like you do.

Comment Pick something else you want to learn about (Score 1) 255

and write code that implements it. For example, if you want to learn more about cars write some classes that describe the car components. Start off with a very basic, high-level operation and then get more detailed. As you learn more about cars you can enhance your code to better describe them. Eventually you will become smarter in two areas.

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