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Submission + - Ice Chunks Fall From Blue Skies (

wximagery95 writes: Some scientists believe that there is a larger, more sinister type of ice-chunk precipitation besides hail which can form outside of storms, making even the largest hailstones look puny in comparison. There is a great deal of disagreement in the scientific community regarding the origin of these falling slabs of ice, but it is certain that something is causing massive frozen chunks (weighing between 6 pounds to as much as 400 pounds) to occasionally drop from seemingly clear blue skies. The objects are called megacryometeors.

If these things are forming on, and then becoming dislodged from large aircraft, you would think there is the potential for a massive lawsuit should one of these ice chunks actually kill someone. Is the FAA and the airline industry really covering up the source of these ice chunks (AKA; megacryometeors)?


Submission + - Chemical batteries made obsolete?

wximagery95 writes: I've started to see this same story pop up elsewhere, but FOX news is reporting on a company that has apparently filed a patent for "technologies for replacement of electrochemical batteries". What does this mean if it turns out to be true? It could quite possibly mean that in a few years time, batteries will be replaced by ultracapacitors and the automotive industry may very well change forever. ZENN motor corp. is already expecting shipments of the battery replacement later this year. Could this be one of the biggest technolgoical breakthroughs of our time? Perhaps we'd know sooner, but the company filing the patent, EEStor, isn't talking.

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