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Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 177

Repeat after me: correlation doesn't imply causation. Otherwise we'd have to conclude that water is poison, considering 99% of all people who died drank water shortly before they died. Just because a country has both high consumption of wine and longer than average lifespan, does not mean one causes the other.

Comment Domains â websites (Score 1) 137

Call me a domain Nazi, but not every registered domain is a website, and there could be many websites hosted on the same domain (including, but not limited to subdomains), and multiple domains can resolve to the same IP/website. Is Google one website? Even Gmail is a subdomain of So we can't say for sure how many websites there are in North Korea based solely on domain data.

(So much for a Unicode support?)

Comment No upgrade for you (Score 1) 585

Alrighty then, I guess I'm not upgrading my notebook any time soon then. There was no real reason to do it, and now I have a real reason not to do it. And if it breaks, I'll pick up something used for cheap that can run what *I* want, and not what Microsoft/Intel/AMD wants me to run with artificial limitations. And then they wonder why PC sales are in deep decline...

Comment Re:It's not aliens (Score 1) 282

Does not have to be a whole civilization sanctioned signal. It could be some "aliens are out there" nut over there who detected a weak signal from Earth, but nobody believes him, and now his is beaming a signal towards us, hoping someone will respond to him, proving his point. Using off-the-shelf parts or devices available there, mind you.

Comment Re:It's not aliens (Score 1) 282

> Aliens that are advanced enough to signal us with that kind of power aren't going to find us advanced enough to be worth talking to

  A highly developed civilization does not always imply rationality, as most of us understand it. Case in point: a real non-zero possibility that Trump can be the next president.

Comment Tape storage vs RAM (Score 4, Insightful) 290

Voice/audio will never be better than text (email) because RAM is always better than SAM (sequential access memory). When you are listening to some audio, you are processing information sequentially and you have to listen to the whole thing to get it. When you have the entire text in front of you, you can jump around as needed, to speed up processing. Not just skipping ahead to get past overly verbose explanations, but also going back a sentence or two for a second read in case you are not quite getting the point. Try that with a voicemail: "What did he mean by "that other time"?! ah, right, I think he was going on about it earlier. I guess I'm going to have to listen to the whole thing one more time. Dammit, I spaced out again during that long tangent, what was the point he was trying to make after all? I guess I'm going to have to listen to the whole thing the third time."

Also, when you are the one doing the reading, you have full control over the speed. You can slow down during complicated parts, giving yourself time to get it, and speed up over trivial stuff. Not so much with voicemail: can't just slow down someone's speech, or speed it up as needed.

Comment Such a scam (Score 3, Interesting) 113

The whole mobile roaming is such a scam. I mean, with pretty much everything that you pay money for, you can always get a clearly define price *before* deciding on a purchase. And a lot of times (stores with a check-out) you can even say "it's too expensive, I don't want that". With roaming charges (both data and voice), you have to jump through hoops (i.e. call someone and wait on hold for XX minutes) to get the price, and often enough they cannot tell you because you don't always know your exact location beforehand. Why can you get that info from your phone? Right there and then, before making a call, or before incurring data charges. I'm sure it's technically possible, and if the info isn't yet sent to the phone every time to change roaming provider, I'm sure we can force it to happen via legislation. For once Congress can do some good.

Also, it's easy to call someone a moron, but when you are under a lot of pressure because you are going to compete in the Olympics, I can totally see forgetting that I'm in a different country when checking my phone and deciding to catch some 'mons and losing track of time.

Comment What the actual fuck?! (Score 1) 191

Let me be one of many to point out that robots are not people. Politicians... well, they are lower than robots in my book, but fine, if one of them wants to call me *personally*, I'll tell them everything I think about them.

  And more importantly, the 1st amendment bars *Congress* from limiting speech. The federal do-not-call list is *opt-in*. Which means it's *I* who expresses the desire to limit speech I hear. Totally my right to scream "nananana, cannot hear ya" any time I want! Nothing to do with Congress. They are just providing the tools for me to exercise my right to not be bothered.

Comment Re:What NEEDS to happen... (Score 1) 536

Even better. Buy the phone, open it, use it and then return stating specifically that you returned it because it lacks the feature you expected it to have (audio jack in this case). It hurts the manufacturer much more compared to simply not buying. Make sure you can return it of course, but generally you have 2 weeks to return a phone in US for example, as far as I know.

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