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Submission + - Open Source -- The Last Patent Defense? (

dp619 writes: A developer might fly under the patent troll radar until she makes it big, and then it's usually open season. Apple just shared that it has faced off 92 lawsuits over just 3 years. Even Google's ad business is at risk. Well known FOSS attorney Heather Meeker has blogged at the Outercurve Foundation on what to consider and what to learn if you're ever sued for patent infringement. Meeker examined how provisions of open source licenses can deflate a patent troll's litigation and shift the balance in favor of the defense.

Submission + - How to construct open source software (

dp619 writes: The Outercurve Foundation has published a guide on how OSS projects can get to a known starting state by making it easier for contributors to fix and enhance the code. "Making it easy to reliably get to a known state allows people to experiment with it and contribute," it says. The guide also suggests that tool platforms are vital to scaling a community of users and developers in the "same way that a software product team could scale development and support to the success of the product."

Submission + - Is there a postmodern open source movement? (

dp619 writes: Is there a postmodern open source movement? That’s the question that the Outercurve Foundation is asking. “It’s not about living in a post open source world. Free and open source licensing IS the hack on copyright that turned the distribution channel on its head,” its former technical director, Steven Walli argues. License free software is on the rise. Only about 14.9% of repositories on GitHub are licensed, according to the Software Freedom Law Center. Young software developers are most likely to skip out on a license.

Submission + - Frenemies: How IP Law Helps FOSS Communities (

dp619 writes: Fighting against software patents (New Zealand has banned them) tends to blind FOSS communities to aspects of IP law that actually serve them well. While certainly not perfect, patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secret law each has something to offer FOSS communities. Penn State law professor wrote a guest post for the Outercurve Foundation briefly describing some of the ways in IP law can help open source developers.

Comment Re:Conditions Apply (Score 1) 635

Do you have any idea how many lawsuits are filed by "idiotic environmental groups" over non-nuclear plants? We had a massive fight in our community (Fond du Lac, WI) over wind turbines because whack jobs were complaining they caused anything from depression to post traumatic stress disorder. Additionally they were to be placed less than 2 miles from a national wildlife refuge used by migratory birds. Fortunately after a few siting changes to move them further from the refuge and change in the law in Wisconsin, it's been approved and mostly completed. The local paper continues to have letters filled with people saying how we've ruined their "pristine" countryside with "ugly" and "harmful" wind turbines. There have been fights and lawsuits in our state over expanding coal plants, hydroelectric plants and any other kind of power plant you can think of.

I'm not saying you're wrong but make sure you don't assume there aren't considerable legal costs involved with other types of power generation. They may not be to the level of nuclear power but they're not insignificant either.

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