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Comment Re:Good ol' Microsoft (Score 3, Interesting) 183

You are forgetting that Nokia as a company has done a major share of R&D in mobile space since 90's, thus they have huge chunk of patents covering the fundamentals. Now that their phone business is suffering they have to monetize somehow, and that how is their IP portfolio.

It would be irresponsible of Nokia not to sue, as their shareholders want to see money.

Most manufacturers have licensing agreements with Nokia besides some of the new comers such as Apple and Google and Apple already paid them off after getting sued.

Now there is no question that Nokia fucked up. The fuck up was mainly caused by internal politics where different division screwed with others. I mean they had a mapping company bought years before google but they only got to market a year after them.

Shit happens and now they've only got the low end and what ever IP they've developed. As they have to rebuild their credibility on the high end they need some cash to cover it, as such IP is the best source.

Comment Re:As an Uncle (Score 1) 754

I agree that 3 is a silly exaggeration for using most bladed tools, but I was running around the neighborhood at that age, getting scrapes and cuts. If I got hurt I'd go crying back to mom who'd patch me up and I'd get out once more.

I think I got a proper knife for some whittling at 6, and while whittling with a technique that I was forbidden I accidentally slit my wrist, I got some stitches and a small talking to but the wound was the real lesson in safety that I learned.

And yes we didn't get banned from school for carrying a pocket knife or something in our back packs.

At 8 we'd already built crossbows with friends that could penetrate dry wall.

Hell all my friends have bunch of scars from their childhoods and all of them are capable of doing their basic repairs for themselves.

Then there are people who have been isolated from harm all their lives by their parents, they go to pieces at the second they should take control of their lives, if something unexpected happens, whether it's somebody getting hurt or something breaking down they simply don't know what do but call help.

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