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Comment holy crap (Score 0) 277

clean up Agent Orange in Vietnam good...but you know Iraq & Afghanistan will be in line next, demanding cleanup & reparations for Depleted Uranium scattered all over their countries. Unkle Skam has printing presses churning out more $USD to throw around the world, that will fix the problems har har!

Comment keyboard & tray (Score 1) 235

I recommend a quality mechanical keyboard...this one is great: also heavyduty steel keyboard/mouse tray to mount under your desk or countertop...looks kinda like this one, although I prefer the ones which come with a plank to set keyboard & mouse on, so ya can pivot plank at different angles too.

Comment ewaste "fee" (Score 1) 172

what I want to know, why is it that in California, they charge an ewaste "fee" whenya buy new electronics? doesn't that you pre-pay to recycle the gadget you just bought? probably does not matter anyway, after the endless caravan of Chinese freighters unload at the docks of the Western world...cheaper to pay them to load up on old electronics to haul back...and literally dump them on the beaches of some 3rd world countries such as Bangladesh, let them worry about it right? as the heavy metals pollute their ground water, yay. cheers!

Comment Linux & watching streaming video (Score 1) 214

I tried Netflix before...I was able to fake the browser User Agent & OS, then Netflix video successfully streamed...perhaps it'll work for Blockbuster or whatever too. I can not remember the Firefox addon I used, perhaps this one...use it until it displays Windows or MAC OS...maybe it'll still fool into streaming. cheers!

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