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Comment Citadel (Score 1) 492

Citadel is absolutely awesome. It takes minutes to install. They even have a virtual machine you can download from their site, built on CentOS, that you can try. I have been using it for a few months now and have had a great experience. It has shared calendars, email, bulletin boards, and more.. and a nice web interface to all of the above (a text only client is even available). All of the features are available in an open source package. There is no seperate "enterprise" version with features that the "open source" version doesn't get. I am running it in a virtual machine based on Ubuntu 7.10 server, and currently testing it in a virtual machine based on Ubuntu "jeos" (Just Enough Operating System). So far it has been great. The "community" has been great about answering questions that have come up. I highly recommend it. It has greatly simplified my job with regards to managing my mail server and calendars.
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Submission + - Canadian RCMP's abandon the Music piracy fight ! ( 1

Laindraug writes: "The 'Le Devoir' French canadian Montreal Newspaper had a front page title today ( november 8) that said (once traduced) : 'Pirates can sleep well' : RCMP'S is abandoning the fight against music piracy because 'its just too big to fight against' ` The newspaper also shows the difference between Canada and USA, stating that in october, Jammie Thomas in USA was condemned to a 220 000$ dollar fine for having downloaded 24 mp3's..and in Canada, there will just be no more police to look at this kind of piracy. 'Today, its so simple to copy, everybody is clueless on how to fight this' , as stated by Canadian RCMP's. Canadian Pirates, rejoice."

Submission + - Microsoft extends Windows XP sales to June 2008 (

LeandroTLZ writes: "Looks like customers wanting to avoid Vista have some more time to do so. A corporate vice president for Windows product management says, "maybe we were a little ambitious to think that we would need to make Windows XP available for only a year after the release of Windows Vista". System builders, or smaller companies that make and sell PCs, will still sell the older operating system until the end of January 2009."

Submission + - Ubuntu 7.10 Beta Released

An anonymous reader writes: The Ubuntu team is proud to announce the beta release of Ubuntu 7.10 and its variants, Kubuntu, Edubuntu and Xubuntu. Codenamed "Gutsy Gibbon", 7.10 continues Ubuntu's proud tradition of integrating the latest and greatest open source technologies into a high-quality, easy-to-use Linux distribution.

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