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The Courts

Submission + - Rambus barred from using 12 patents in Micron suit (

wtansill writes: Jan. 9 (Bloomberg) — Rambus Inc., a designer of high-speed memory chips, can't use 12 of its patents to demand royalties from Micron Technology Inc., a federal judge in Delaware ruled. Rambus plunged as much as 45 percent. U.S. District Judge Sue L. Robinson in Wilmington said today the patents are unenforceable because Rambus destroyed documents in the infringement lawsuit. She called Rambus's litigation conduct "obstructive at best, misleading at worst." "The very integrity of the litigation process has been impugned," Robinson said in the opinion.
The Media

Submission + - Why the RIAA really hates downloads

wtansill writes: For 17 years, Jeff Price owned an independent label called spinART Records. He managed to do great things, but that was before the so-called digital revolution. In 2004, Price realized the label was no longer sustainable. "The advent and general adoption of the Internet, digital media and hardware took control of the global music industry away from the record labels and media outlets and handed it to the masses," he writes. (Source) Rather than cursing the masses and resisting changes brought on by the Internet, Price decided to adapt. He wanted to stay in the music business but needed to make money. "[W]hat could I do to remain in the music industry under a model that would not rely on selling music (the exploitation model)," he asked himself. "And thus the idea for a new model was born, turn distribution into a service for a simple up front, one time flat fee."

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