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Comment Re:statement pulled from ass? (Score 1) 82

They may not have changed noticeably, but that doesn't mean they haven't changed. You'd have to sequence a fossil and compare DNA to be sure.

I've met some evolutionary biologists who get rather tetchy when people throw around the terms "less evolved" or "more evolved". They seem to prefer talking about adapting to an environment over 'onwards-and-upwards' pinnacle-of-creation rhetoric. I suspect they would say the critter is just as evolved and evolving as anything else, just not much changed by it - presumably because the basic original design found a nice stable niche to entrench itself in.

Comment Nokia e90 (Score 1) 359

I still use a Nokia E90 Communicator with Symbian PuTTY. Five row backlit keyboard, CTRL, and TAB. (The 9300 and 9500 communicators had ESC as well. Sigh.)

I tried using a Nexus S, but ConnectBot is terrible without a hardware keyboard or trackball - even with "Full Keyboard" from the Market.

Comment Re:Does it have Adblock? (Score 0) 274

Firefox is a massive resource hog. With more tha 2 tabs open for a while, it will consume vast amounts of memory.

Opera is a breath of fresh air. 10.10 is rock solid and fast, 10.50 is (currently) unstable, but faster than anything around, including the previous king, Chrome, and Opera have already said there is still more gains to be had and planty of debug to remove.

Comment Re:It's called quality (Score 1) 597

I will elaborate on this by expanding the parallel drawn between brick layers and coders: even I (as a coder) am able to lay bricks faster than the fastest brick layer, though my 'wall' will consist of a pile of bricks and mortar. Which leads me to the following: the key difference between a brick wall artifact and a software artifact is the 'black-boxiness' of the latter, the 'observability', if you will, of the quality of code: a laymen cannot hope to recognize spaghetti code as easily as a laymen would recognize 'spaghetti wall'.

Comment Hooray! Now we can CrowdSource Asteroid mitigation (Score 2, Insightful) 84

I wish that someone would make a game of this... where you need to send up a vehicle, bump and asteroid and watch the change. Give us all a chance to crowd source the various "solutions". Learn just how friggin tricky this would be, how long it would take, how little effect we can have. All of this talk about "capturing this asteroid" on this thread alone is sad. The amount of energy in an asteroid's kinetics is astounding. This topic needs a dose of realism.

Make it so!

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