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Correct *US* Title for Harry Potter movie  *Sunday July 29, 2001 @03:39PM  2
   attached to Review: Planet of the Apes
an interesting note...  *Tuesday August 08, 2000 @09:37AM  2
   attached to States Sue Record Companies For Price Fixing
this is turning into WTO all over again.  *Sunday August 06, 2000 @07:11AM  5
   attached to 2600 Staffer Arrested During Republican Convention
Its not surprising this is happening  *Thursday August 03, 2000 @07:15AM  3
   attached to More Stupid Privacy Shit
Re:Dotcoms  *Friday July 28, 2000 @03:00PM  1
get a flameproof suit =-D  *Friday July 28, 2000 @09:03AM  1
Dotcoms  *Friday July 28, 2000 @07:04AM  5
   attached to Ask Robert X. Cringely isnt out of the woods  *Friday July 28, 2000 @12:03PM  1
Whoa, one second =D  *Friday July 28, 2000 @09:30AM  2
a function of design, perhaps?  *Friday July 28, 2000 @09:27AM  1
I do buy my music through  *Friday July 28, 2000 @07:15AM  2
I know i am going to get flamed, but...  *Friday July 28, 2000 @06:20AM  5
   attached to Compressed Beyond Recognition: An MP3 Compendium
Python (whitespace languages)  *Wednesday July 26, 2000 @05:36AM  1
VB Is horrid.  *Wednesday July 26, 2000 @05:28AM  1
Even whitespace can be expression....  *Wednesday July 26, 2000 @05:17AM  2
could rule on linking...  *Wednesday July 26, 2000 @04:56AM  1
Code is an ULTIMATE form of expression  *Wednesday July 26, 2000 @04:54AM  2
   attached to MPAA v. 2600 NY Trial Has Ended
Re:Of course...  *Thursday July 20, 2000 @12:51PM  1
Just what Network Solutions needs...  *Thursday July 20, 2000 @12:30PM  1
   attached to Taken Away, Given To Soccer Team
YAY! .. wait.... huh?  *Wednesday July 19, 2000 @11:20AM  1
   attached to Larry Wall Announces Perl 6
million microsoft monkeys  *Wednesday July 19, 2000 @07:43AM  1
outlook just cant be fixed  *Wednesday July 19, 2000 @07:24AM  2
   attached to Report of new Outlook exploit
They SHOULD be sued!  *Friday July 14, 2000 @10:46AM  1
   attached to Razorfish Sued for "Shoddy Website"
it actually is wierdly legal  *Friday July 14, 2000 @07:12AM  1
   attached to Earthlink Refues to Use Carnivore

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