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Comment Re:It's just training for future geekery (Score 4, Funny) 425

I didn't get an allowance until I was a teenager and even then it was only 25 cents a week. Mowing a lawn in those days was worth $1..

You were lucky! We didn't have lawns when I was young.

We lived in a small shoe-box by the side of the road. Every night before bed our dad would thrash us and kill us and then dance about on our graves singing "Hallelujah!"

You try telling the geeks of today that, and they won't believe you . . .

Comment Re:[:~P (Score 1) 87

So you're saying that you believe that people who are facing their last moments on Earth, if given wifi/cell access during that time would/should NOT call their loved ones to say good-bye/"I love you", but should/would post on twitter instead, and include emoticons?

ps -- Thanks for your de rigueur introduction of victimhood into the discussion. :-O

Comment Trial lawyers knew this a long time ago (Score 1) 209

TFA says that 80% of victims of scam artists are elderly.

Depending on what counts as a "scam"–some people think the lottery is a big one–there are way too many other reasons beyond something wrong with their brains to make this explanation complete or even useful.

For example, a much better and simpler explanation is that the older you are the more likely you are to be socially isolated. Socially isolated people are easier prey for scammers.

In fact, the results reported in TFA more usefully support something that trial lawyers have believed for a long time: young people see the world black and white, while the older you get the more it all runs to grey. So, depending on their case, they pack the jury accordingly.

Comment Idiocracy in action (Score 1) 238

From TFA:

There is also the “deskilling” issue, where eventually no one knows how to drive a car (or fly a plane). This isn’t so bad if every car on the road is autonomous, and if steering wheels are removed altogether, but the in between period could be tricky.

If all cars on the road are autonomous why don't we just have trains, light rail and subways?

Comment This ruling is in defense of the individual (Score 1) 108

This seems to be a ruling barring a complaining copyright holder from piling a negligence claim on top of any statutory damages.

So, if the kid here could show that he didn't do the downloading, but his roommate did he could still be held responsible by negligence.

With this ruling, the plaintiff is limited to statutory damages against the actual infringer, be that the defendant or his roommate.

Comment And we'll be just heads in jars, like Nixon . . . (Score 2) 636

. . . on Futurama.

From TFA:

It takes society thirty years, more or less, to absorb a new information technology into daily life. It took about that long to turn movable type into books in the fifteenth century. Telephones were invented in the 1870s but did not change our lives until the 1900s. Motion pictures were born in the 1890s but became an important industry in the 1920s. Television, invented in the mid-1920’s, took until the mid-1950s to bind us to our sofas.

We still have books and telephones and movies and tv's so what the hell is his point?

ps--Judging by his photo in the banner, his blog ought to be called, "I, Crinkly".

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