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Comment Re:H1B applicants are people too (Score 4, Informative) 190

"The obvious explanation" is incorrect.

The record in question, the Labor Condition Application, does not include personal data. Employers are even required to have them available for public disclosure (see section J of the form).

So, no personal information. Just records of what the employer claimed the prevailing wage was for the roles it brought in H1B workers to fill.

It's ETA Form 9035. Look for yourself.

Comment New Pearl Harbor? (Score 1) 190

Is this different than the Electronic Pearl Harbor? That was supposed to happen a while ago. Maybe I missed it.

Will this one also be in Hawaii? Will Richard Clarke narrate it? He's been pushing for a new Pearl Harbor for a while.

I guess we'll have to wait. It turns out that these craven bullshit artists *don't* actually know what they're talking about.

Comment "New Rules for Meteorite Hunters Unveiled" (Score 1) 152

That's the title of the actual post. It details how the US Bureau of Land Management has released a notice of how it will regulate the collection of meteorites on public lands. That's it.

It has nothing to do with asteroid mining. Any inference of how this would map to any asteroid mining is a wild-ass ... inference.

When people are able to mine asteroids, any "governing body" in a planetary gravity well is not going to be able to enforce early 21st century administrative law on entities that can *deliver product at will*.

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