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Comment Re:It's Netscape VS MS Again.. (Score 1) 335

I have used it but I don't. I got tired of the slow screen changes. I would hit a remote button and nothing happend so I'd hit it again then It would move 2 spaces/screens + everything is organized horribly. You can't just click movies/action and see action movies you have to go to each network and the free movies section to search for what you want. Using the Tivo is far better in my opinion.

Comment Re:How is this a Patent Troll? (Score 1) 335

This may not seem innovative today thanks to the widespread use of Tivos and other DVRs but in 1999 when Tivo was first unveiled it was. It's easy to look at someone else's idea that has become commonplace and say "that idea is obvious" it is much harder to actually come up with the idea, patent it, and turn it into a viable product. If we don't allow the people who do innovate to defend those innovations with patents then what motivation do they have to put something new into the marketplace. Why should I put my time, energy, and money into inventing a new widget if I can only expect it to be stolen by Corporation X?

Comment Re:How is this a Patent Troll? (Score 1) 335

Many content providers do not want their content On Demand. A DVR can record and play back anything that is broadcast. I think if they could, AT&T, Verizon, etc. would put all their content On Demand as a way of competing with the DVR but they can't until they can convince the content providers to go along with it at a price they can pass along and expect consumers to pay.

Comment Re:TiVo was cool... (Score 1) 335

Agreed. A patent troll buys up a bunch of patents then goes out and extorts money from companies that may be infringing on their newly acquired patents. Tivo is defending it's own innovations. It is using the patent service the way it was intended: to allow smaller innovative companies to exist without having their ideas and tech stolen by the big guys.

Comment Re:TiVo was cool... (Score 1) 335

I can't comment on the other issues but the cablecard situation is pretty much a non-issue at this point. I picked up an HD Tivo to replace my Series 2 not too long ago and had the cablecard installed by Comcast. The guy who came out said he had never done it before but he got on the phone with a more experienced tech and it was installed in ~5 minutes. The channel changing is instant now as I no longer have to wait for the IR blaster to talk to the cable box.

Comment Re:1 step forward, 2 steps back (Score 1) 652

1. Simply recharnging most conventional battery chemistries is just out of the question. Most take hours. Apparently some exotic ones can take 10 mins, but I'm not sure what the tradeoffs are.

Even without the demand for the types of batteries that all electric cars require battery tech is advancing rapidly. An expanding electric car market will only speed up this process.

2. There are things like supercapacitors which do solve the recharging problem, but those are a very new technology and I suspect there are downsides.

Supercaps right now can both charge and discharge VERY fast. Pretty much as fast as you can feed them current or draw it. Their problem is capacity but there are a number of research projects under way that are working to expand that.

3. Any technology based on actually putting electricity into the battery has to contend with very high power draws. A "gas station" might need 300kV supply lines and look more like an electrical substation.

Electric cars will make most conventional service stations a thing of the past 90% (this is my gut talking, I'm too lazy to pull numbers) of fill-ups are for people commuting. The infrastructure is already in place for these people to charge at work and overnight (when the electric grid is underutilized) at home. It seems like 90% of the argument against electric has to to with long haul trips. While this is an issue that needs to be addressed, it really should not be the center of the discussion.

Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Xeyes Ported to Real Life

An anonymous reader writes: The well-known Unix tool xeyes has been ported to Windows. No, not the Microsoft version, but the version you look out of on a sunny day. Photos and video are available. The result is very cool, and a little scary. This could be a fun way to scare off those kids who hang around your neighborhood...

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