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Comment Other potential uses? (Score 1) 206

If they can do it for a picture can this same methodology be utilized for audio/data signals - then they can go through and reanalyze all the Seti@home data that has already been analyzed. It has often been said that if the aliens have any potential intelligence it would be indistinguishable from noise.

Comment Re:tips (Score 1) 695

Just to give you our insight. We to were without power for 9 days and burned wood the first 2 days and finally got a generator on day 2. Our house has 8 circuits for the generator â" pump for the well and 2 light circuits and boiler (Hot Water Heat) and the fridge and the freezer. We also plugged in cell phones to charge and 2 laptops and one LCD tv and the DIRECTV box, the kids would alternate this out with the xbox and the Wii. We also ran an extension cord to the 56âDLP on the last day and it worked ok. All this on a 5000 Watt Generator. Used 5 gallons of gas about every 11 hours. Besides the generators get 4 or 5 â" 5 Gallon gas cans. Also I think it is important to note that all the light bulbs on the lighted circuits were CFLs. The big user was the Water pump â" there is a watt meter on the generator subpanel and it would go up to about 750 watts when the pump would kick on.

Comment Re:I read her entire email (Score 1) 516

How could the sysadmin not have seen this:

" # Permitted uses for broad cross-University mailing. Bulk e-mailing may be used only by University offices to send communications necessary to the normal course of business and which typically require some official action be taken individually by recipients. Such permitted uses include:

* Dissemination of urgent information of health and safety concern for students and University employees. * Communication of information regarding changes of University policies or procedures, or actions that affect employment or compensation status, or status as a student. * Regular communications (for example, to University employees) that are required by law, regulation or University policy for which bulk e-mail may largely replace paper transmittal.


So, according to their own policy, mass emailing of "...information regarding changes of University policies or procedures, or actions that affect employment or compensation status, or status as a student..." falls within acceptable use. That is assuming that this change to the university schedule is a "change in policy" or "affects employment". I don't see how that wouldn't be the case.

Key part you are missing is "University offices" I don't think Student Council is a University office. It comes down to this they want to control the message.

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