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Comment Re:fear mongering ftw (Score 3, Interesting) 47

Do you have any idea how much DNA analysis costs?
About $350, the last time I checked. For about 500,000 genotypes per individual.

There is also a very major technology push for the "thousand-dollar genome", i.e. an ability to get a complete genome for $1000.

The core of the finding, by the way, is that the pooled data that everyone thought was completely safe for privacy point of view, is now no longer so. It is a problem for people who have agreed to take part in these studies (and that's a lot of people: a typical large scale study can involve 20,000 patients or more).

spent two years working on DNA analysis techniques... We, by which I mean the DNA analysis crowd
For what's it's worth, I've spent the last 15 years working on various DNA analysis techniques. I don't know about your "crowd", but the general genetics community takes issues of privacy quite seriously.

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