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Comment Re:Here's a thought (Score 1) 161

Washington State of course. How could you not see EV's? They're everywhere. Leafs, Chevy Volts especially. And I have a little game I play. I count the number of Tesla's I see each day. It averages about 4-6 and it seems the number is increasing.

The state tacks on a $100 fee for registering an EV in addition to any other fees car owners pay to register their vehicle. This is to offset the loss of gas tax revenue and to pilot a transition away from fuel taxes as the primary finance device for road maintenance.

Here's the relevant state law:

Comment Re:Here's a thought (Score 1) 161

Solar panels on the average house plus storage can be enough to power a house and your car. Couple that with Wind and other renewable energy sources you can charge your storage unit at night with clean power from the grid. Getting solar roofs on enough houses means more options and suddenly you have significant electrical capacity to create microgrids in neighborhoods and suddenly it becomes obvious that the century old practice of centralized energy production and transmission grids is expensive and obsolete.

Just imagine what this will do for the Hawaii market where the incumbent electrical company is RAPING the citizens of Hawaii for 49cents per KW/h and refusing to allow solar panels to be connected to its grid.

Comment Re:Good (Score 2) 564

You've been bamboozled by the previous Clinton President. If you have been paying attention to what it costs you to rent or own your home, buy your groceries, and the other various market baskets of real life goods and services, you know that the cost of living has increased dramatically in 3 decades.

This guy figured it out that the government stats have no basis in reality. He found this out when a major aerospace company engaged him to figure out why its econometric model wasn't working. The truth is, the changes in what official government inflation stats measure were designed to reduce the official inflation number which reduces the required cost of living outlays for entitlements and benefits. Read this link to get the real story...

Comment Too cautious (Score 3, Interesting) 330

If I recall correctly, Consumer Reports was the same organization that demerited cars for having electric power windows because they said something to the effect that you'd be trapped in the event your car sank in a body of water.

It is sad that someone died while using Tesla's "autopilot" feature. But 1) evidence suggests the driver contributed to his own demise by ignoring or circumventing the warnings and safety features of the product 2) the product is only improved by the knowledge gained from this incident making future trips safer for everyone. 3) it is already evident that the rate of fatalities using this mode is already a 35% improvement over non-autopilot users. (1 fatality in 130 million miles driven vs. 1 in 96 million)

Comment Re:unions (Score 1) 1023

The real issue is "Living Wage". $15 an hour which is just starting to gain traction isn't even enough money to rent a family sized apartment in many cities. And $15 was a substantial amount over the current Federal minimum wage. When the minimum wage is hiked, the wages above it are also often hiked. The key is to get people closer to a Living Wage which is closer to $25/hour in some cities. As we've seen, the market failed to provide a living wage for a substantial portion of its citizens with more and more falling into the crevice of poverty.

Comment Karma (Score 1) 1023

I find it funny that these companies in the rush to automate exploited wage slaves out of their jobs forgets that the very product they sell depends on PEOPLE buying it. The more they push such people off of payrolls, the less number of people that will buy their product.

Fortunately, the current CEO of McDonalds has already discovered immediate increases in revenue and profits by increasing wages and benefits of their frontline workers.

Comment Re:Better Question (Score 1) 482

Under your proposed model, commodities would only be available for the short period of time after those farmers had harvested them. No storage, no long distance delivery. The rest of the year you do without.

The great value that our system of food distributorship in this country is that it provides a great abundance and variety of food commodities available for most of the year.

In the case of cars, the direct sales model would be preferable.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 291

The US has benefited greatly from the existence and actions of the EPA. Air pollution standards have saved the lives or improved the health of millions, Water safety standards have done the same. But it is the corrupting of Government to forestall the effect of regulations by profit seeking corporations that is the root of the problem. CAFE standards were set more than 5 years ago. Why is Detroit playing their predictable behavior of doing nothing and when it comes time to implement, they whine and beg for delay or exceptions? Detroit even has free access to the intellectual property to effectively compete against Tesla and yet just wants to continue in its polluting ways.

Comment Re:I see theyre using the Step 2 profit model (Score 1) 188

Battery storage in houses, neighborhoods and at Grid substations will store Solar so that it is perfectly usable when the sun isn't shining.

Windmills in a large enough grid will always provide power. And when connected to Battery Storage, will always provide power when needed.

If modernizing the grid requires higher operating costs (or more correctly, capital recovery costs) then that is the cost of the externalities of using coal or other fossil fuels. e.g. it would be the correct cost to pay for electricity. If anything, if we fully account for the externalities of carbon and tax/price accordingly, then switching to renewables would likely save you money.

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