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Comment Re:Middle class will moderate China -- debunked id (Score 1) 191

Yes and no. The communist party is just flip-flopping between a bit of liberalization and then oppression. When the party needs money, they liberalize a bit. When they have enough, they oppress so as to prevent the growing middle class from threatening their authority. We can attest here in Hong Kong with the escalating prosections of activists by our government recently. The communist party is now in a house full of money and they can finally kill the noisy goose that used to be the only one that lay gold eggs.

Comment Re:No international observers? (Score 5, Informative) 557

Except that from ------- No major international organisations are monitoring the vote, but a group of observers from 23 countries – a mixture of anti-western ideologues and European far-right politicians – have arrived of their own accord and gave a press conference in Simferopol on Saturday evening. ------- I ain't sure whether some readers understand the implication of the Ukraine issue now, of which Putin is using the same strategy as in the Russo-Georgian War ( that ultimately led to ethnic cleansing. There will be lots of blood.

Submission + - Tape proves Hong Kong broadcaster DBC a victim of Bejing meddling (

wooppp writes: The failed roll-out of national education in Hong Kong was just one part from the China playbook on "purifying" Hong Kong. The PRC government now wants to silence the Hong Kong broadcasters.

DBC, a newly setup digital radio broadcaster in Hong Kong, faced bankruptcy last week. It seemed to be a business decision (dried up capital) at the surface but now the tape reveals that it was in fact killed by political agenda.

The tape recording in question (4.5 minutes):


Submission + - Market's Echo of Tiananmen Date Sets Off Censors (

wooppp writes: "On Monday, keywords "stock market", "shanghai stock", "shanghai stock market", "index" were temporarily blocked in China's internet because the SSE composite index open at 2346.89 (89.64 in reverse), and fell 64.89 points for the day. A screen shot for commemeration. Not sure whether any stock trader was arrested (Oops)."

Exam Board Deletes C and PHP From CompSci A-Levels 663

VitaminB52 writes "A-level computer science students will no longer be taught C, C#, or PHP from next year following a decision to withdraw the languages by the largest UK exam board. Schools teaching the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance's (AQA) COMP1 syllabus have been asked to use one of its other approved languages — Java, Pascal/Delphi, Python 2.6, Python 3.1, Visual Basic 6, and VB.Net 2008. Pascal/Delphi is 'highly recommended' by the exam board because it is stable and was designed to teach programming and problem-solving."

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