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Submission + - http compression continues to put encrypted communications at risk (

monkeyFuzz writes: According to the article:
Security researchers have expanded and improved a three-year-old attack that exploits the compression mechanism used to speed up browsing in order to recover sensitive information from encrypted Web traffic.

The attack, known as BREACH, takes advantage of the gzip/DEFLATE algorithm used by many Web servers to reduce latency when responding to HTTP requests. This compression mechanism leaks information about encrypted connections and allows man-in-the-middle attackers to recover authentication cookies and other sensitive information.

Submission + - Portland HVAC Pros (

An anonymous reader writes: Is your air conditioning unit giving you trouble again? Time to call the pros. Portland HVAC Pros has been providing the best HVAC repair services in the Portland area for several years now. There are no HVAC problems that their technicians aren't able to fix right away.

Submission + - Bypass the Android Lollipop lockscreen by entering a really long password (

Mark Wilson writes: A lengthy password is a good thing, right? For some Android users running Lollipop, however, it may be possible to bypass the lockscreen simply by entering a password that is incredibly long. Copy and paste a lengthy string into the password field, and it is possible to crash the lockscreen and gain access to the phone or tablet.

While the vulnerability is worrying, it is not something that can be exploited remotely — it is necessary to have physical access to the phone. The bug was discovered by security researchers at Texas University and while a patch has been issued for Nexus devices, other handsets remain vulnerable.

John Gordon from the university reveals that it is possible to use the Emergency Call feature that can be accessed from the lockscreen to generate lengthy strings of text that ultimately provide unrestricted access without knowing the correct password.

Comment Re:Recording devices are banned in McDonalds (Score 2) 1198

McDonalds in France (and in the UK and many other countries) do not allow still cameras, video cameras or other recording equipment to be operated inside their restaurants without explicit permission from the managers.

It is true that he brought a camera-type device in with him, but it was a Physician Sanctioned vision assistance system (and he even had appropriate documentation!). It is not like he brought a point-and-shoot in and started taking silly snapshots of people without their consent. This is a device that he needs to enable him to live a normal life.

I bet that very same McDonalds does not allow pets in their establishment, but they would allow a Seeing Eye dog. In my mind, this should be cast in the same light.


Submission + - Canadian Copyright board to charge for music at weddings, parades ( 1

silentbrad writes: The CBC reports that the Copyright Board of Canada will begin charging for music played at live venues: 'Money can't buy love — but if you want some great tunes playing at your wedding, it's going to cost you. The Copyright Board of Canada has certified new tariffs that apply to recorded music used at live events including conventions, karaoke bars, ice shows, fairs and, yes, weddings. The fees will be collected by a not-for-profit called Re:Sound. While the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (otherwise known as SOCAN) already collects money from many of these events for the songwriters, Re:Sound will represent the record labels and performers who contributed to the music. ... For weddings, receptions, conventions, assemblies and fashion shows, the fee is $9.25 per day if fewer than 100 people are present and goes up to $39.33 for crowds of more than 500 people. If there's dancing, the fees double. Karaoke bars will pay between $86.06 and $124 annually depending on how many days per week they permit the amateur crooning. And parades, meanwhile, will be charged $4.39 for each float with recorded music participating in the parade, subject to a minimum fee of $32.55 per day.'

Also reported by Sun News, Metro News, and others.

Comment Re:Ride quality (Score 1) 274

From TFA:

The 60 percent ride improvement figure was obtained when a single wheel equipped with the system was mounted on a laboratory testbed that simulates road conditions.

That's not exactly a complete answer, but I would guess the mounted an accelerometer or some other device to measure vibrations and compared that number to a passive system run over the same course. But I am making a bit of a leap there...

Comment 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3 (Score 1) 1260

Though im sure its far from mathematically sound, Ive used this method to convince myself and others of the general "truthiness" of the .99999 = 1 debate in the past:

1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3 = 1
In decimal form:
.3333 + .3333 + .3333 = .9999

So, .9999 = 1

Submission + - Google Wave Progress Report: 'No Killer App Yet' (

Michael_Curator writes: "Google Wave may have a brilliant future, but its present is frustrating developers who've had a chance to work with it. Ben Rometsch, director of the Solid State Group, told me that the Wave user interface "yearns for super-fast Javascript performance," but doesn't get it, is very slow to debug and offers a "protracted and painful" development cycle. As he described working with Wave, which is currently in developer preview, the words "slow," "protracted" and "painful" cropped up more than once. Granted, all the developers in the world share a single instance running on one server, but frustrating developers you depend on to drive adoption of this application isn't the smartest strategy ever devised."
The Military

Submission + - US Navy Shoots Down Missle in Space (

Raver32 writes: The U.S. Navy and Missile Defense Agency (MDA) successfully shot down a short-range ballistic missile in space in a July 30 test, agency officials announced Friday. The Navy's USS Hopper and USS O'Kane destroyers detected and tracked a missile fired from the Pacific Missile Range Facility at Barking Sands, Kauai in Hawaii during the test, which was latest demonstration of the U.S. military's Aegis Missile Defense system. The USS Hopper fired one Standard Missile-3 block 1A missile and destroyed the target 100 miles (160 km) above the Pacific Ocean about two minutes after launch, MDA officials said in a statement. The test marked the Aegis system's 19th successful intercept in 23 attempts, including an operational mission in 2008 that destroyed a malfunctioning satellite as it re-entered the atmosphere, MDA officials said.

Comment Missing the point (Score 5, Informative) 843

I RTFA and its not about switching word processors. Its about moving beyond people editing files one at a time and passing them around - in printed or email form. Basically, the author just discovered the "Magical World of Wiki" and has gotten his office to adopt a wiki as their documentation system.

Why someone discovering 14 year old internet technology made the front page of /. is beyond me...

Ooooo BTW guys, have you seen that video of a dancing baby?! Its ROTFLOL!

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