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Comment Before you donk Apple for this restriction... (Score 1) 195

maybe you should consider that there might be a well-thought-out reason why they do it. Quite simply, if they let every third-party app have free access to the CPU, the battery would last about 10 minutes. The reason that lots of people are bitching about the battery life on the Pre: multitasking. There's a technical trade-off between CPU load and battery life. Considering that battery life for a mobile phone is an important consideration, I think Apple made the right decision to limit CPU access. Sure, you could build a bigger iPhone that had a replaceable battery and carry a bag of batteries around with you, but the compactness of the iPhone appeals to a lot of people. Aside from the technical considerations, the functionality of Latitude, which allows the whole world to know where you are, strikes me as creepy.

Comment Let the buck-passing begin! (Score 1) 532

When I have a problem with an Apple iphone, the buck stops with Apple (or, occasionally, with AT&T). But open the thing up so that there are hundreds of versions of hardware and imagine the fun it would be to resolve a problem with the product. This is precisely what happens with Windows Mobile or Windows in general. The finger pointing starts between hardware and software, and getting a problem resolved is a true pain in the ass. Wait until Microsoft opens their retail stores and the "Genius Bar" personnel get a taste of resolving problems with Microsoft software on thousands of different hardware variations! What fun that's gonna be! Oh, yeah!!!!!

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