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Comment Re:Brings a new meaning... (Score 4, Insightful) 220

The right way to think about this is "how much pain will it cause the people connected to you?" You can definitely find a way do yourself in painlessly. That's easy. What's hard is living after a brother, friend, son, etc. has killed himself.

Set aside the bible stuff about people who destroy what god gave them going to hell. That's twaddle.

Killing yourself makes you a prick. Only an inconsiderate, self-centered ass would do that to the people around him.

If you're now disposable, do what you need to do to make your life interesting. Take up sky-diving. Become a commercial diver. Get a job working with explosives. Become a war photographer. As soon as you decide you're disposable, you have the opportunity to do things which are not available to other people because they're frightened. Go do something valuable for yourself or others.

Comment Here's how this will play out (Score 5, Insightful) 220

These are the steps, in order, Microsoft will go through:

Microsoft will work on a self-driving car for a very short time and figure out they cannot do it fast enough to compete.

They'll partner with another company. There will be lots of hoopla, but nothing will come of it, and the partnership will dissolve.

They'll buy a company which is well-respected and doing well/poised to succeed. It will rapidly go down the toilet and they'll sell it.

[ optional step ] They'll come out with their own product too late.

They'll partner with successful companies to get hooks into cars which link to their other products. This will be marginally profitable. They will attempt to use this to gain as much leverage as possible. This may or may not be successful, but will anger people.

Comment Great idea! (Score 1) 181

This is such a great idea. I've always wanted to remove the separation between simple execution scripts and complex code which is difficult to understand. it really bugs me that we have these "standards" which simplify portability and make things clear.

Ideally in a few years, we will have inscrutable, half-assed code all over the execution space. This will give people the opportunity to learn python so they can debug simple execution wrappers. EXCELLENT!

But if it's not ready yet, we don't have to wait for it... we can simply replace all the .sh files on our systems with .pl files. That'll make everyone happen, too, and we can start today!

Comment Wrong (Score 1) 655

As soon as self-driving cars are marginally affordable, you hitting someone will be partial negligence because you didn't have a SDC. This will force insurance rates up, which will reduce the comparative price of SDCs. This will in turn increase SDC sales, which will drive prices down. This will increase the negligence aspect of any crash in an HDC and increase lawsuit payouts, increasing insurance, etc.

There's a tipping point where you won't be able to afford an HDC -- you'll only be able to afford time-share SDCs and may later afford personal SDCs.

So yes, first the rich have them, then ultimately only the rich will be able to drive their own car.

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