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Comment Is age an issue? (Score 1) 80

I'm probably being a stick in the mud, but I've got to wonder what they'll do about minors who qualify and are even possibly selected. Most kids would jump at the change to get out of school, making that a bit of a motivator for the contest. I can see how that wouldn't be much of a problem with say a 16 or 17 year old guy, because I understand that chances are (or at least logic and statistics dictate) that most if not all of the particapants will be male, but what happens if it's a 16 or 17 year old girl (young girls use linux, trust me). I just see it as being a potentially bad thing in a number of ways. I checked the rules and there was no mention of age restraints. What if some whiz-kid 8 year old gets selected? Do they just assume the parents won't care?

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