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Comment Re:How much longer will Foxconn need Apple? (Score 1) 109

Maybe I phrased it wrong. What I mean is: Apple is not really relying on best specs, best technology anymore.
Just like Gucci doesn't have to come with totally new bag all the time. And that makes sense as they won't be able to be the best all the time.

Just as long as they are perceived to be the best by their loyal fanbase, they will do well. That's also why a smart watch (very much a fashion item) is so important to the lineup. Or white headbuds. It's all to build brand. It doesn't have to be the best, just perceived to be.

Comment Re:How much longer will Foxconn need Apple? (Score 1) 109

Apple is not really a technology brand these days, more a fashion brand.
(On a side note, did you see all the hiring of people related to the fashion industry??)

Compare the situation to this:
Many manufacturers in the world can produce handbags. Many manufacturer copy handbag designs.
But still brands like Gucci and Louis Vutton can demand a premium price.

Apple is in the same league: as long as the brand remains premium, it does not matter what the output is or for that matter what their quality is.

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