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Journal Journal: A brief schtick

This is a brief tidbit for people searching for info on me.

My name is wondafucka, but not because I'm boastful. The handle is just a play on words making fun of wonderbras (change the bra to had to be there). I actually think that most of society is sexual-centric, which causes me anxiety, hence the humor (Freud was good for something).

I'm a EE and CPE graduate from IIT and my interests are Music, People, Sound, Politics, Light, Riding Bike, Electronics, DSP, Microprocessors, and expanding my mind. (Probably not in that order, but what does it matter).

I hang out at where I talk about all of the above.

I am the Station Manager of a podunk radio station on the South Side of Chicago -> WIIT 88.9 FM We have an internet stream and an automation system (BeOs TuneTracker) . I am doing some work on the current system, but eventually will submit a slashdot post for people who want to work on Tim 2(we call the automation system Tim), which is a linux open sourced, user moderated radio station.

I am currently looking for an electronics/sound/music/light partner(s) in the Chicagoland area. If you are interested, drop by MyGeekdom and you can get ahold of me there.

I love humanity, even though our greatest qualities are laziness and greed. I think if we are smart enough, we may just wake up as a functioning evolving society in my lifetime.

The Wondafucka, Nobody Fucks With The Wondafucka, Nobody (Also tounge in cheek)

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