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Comment Re:I hate to defend Monsanto somewhat, but (Score 1) 617

Sorry if that complicates the "Noble Farmer vs. Evil Corporation" black-and-white narrative.

No, it just turns it into a slightly-scummy underdog versus one of the greatest hives of evil in the world. Monsanto has claimed it literally does not matter how their seed ends up in a farm, or if it is being used in any way whatsoever, they will still sue for patent infringement merely by it being present without being purchased. Lookup Monsanto Canada Inc. v. Schmeiser if you don't believe me. For comparison, this would be like (not just kind of similar, but almost exactly the same as) suing someone for copyright infringement after finding a copy of your virus on their system, which they did not put there, and then winning.

No, it's more like Apple making an iPad 3 that makes copies of itself that walk into your lap and turn on.

Are farmers supposed to do an analysis of every plant to verify that it isn't someone elses?

Comment Re:at some point... (Score 2) 205

These were probably children that were misled. Everyone was a child at one point, they need guidance not your bullshit. What we should do is toss the assholes that make these scams into the clink for a couple decades.

You're faulting people for exploiting the weaknesses and insecurities of others? I can't even imagine what Television would be like without it.

Comment Re:History repeats itself (Score 1) 202

Are you seriously suggesting Apple was first to release a tablet device with a touch screen?

Name the prior ones. Describe them. Were they decent multi-touch? Touch at all or just stylus? What kind of processor? What OS? What resolution & color depth screen? How thick? How heavy? Battery life? What was the price? How many apps were available?

Uh-huh, I thought so.

You smarmy twerp. There were plenty of PC tablets out there with reasonable touch / stylus input. Multi-touch is cute but not necessary.

Apple was the first to miniaturize it and make something that causes yuppie envy. They were the first to make a luxury tablet, but not the first to make a tablet.

Comment Re:Google is now officially mature company (Score 1) 167

The recent developments within Google and their moving to identity servi.. social networking with demands for ID scans if someone reports you for "fake" name, and other general evil stuff just shows Google has matured as a company and is now just like everyone else. It's not a recent development either, it has been going on for several years, but now everyone else is starting to notice it too. They cut down the amount of geeky stuff like work-on-your-own-projects, they go aggressively into markets and they use every evil marketing tactic in the book. That is fine. Every company is like that. But slashdotters should stop giving them free passes because they're "google".

This actually makes me want to use their products more. Instead of creating anything their engineers feel like, they are focusing on what they can support that is in line with their profit center. Good. No free passes, but at least it seems like all arms of the company are starting to move in lockstep.

Comment Re:Battle? (Score 1) 734

For at least 15 years I've been hearing that various postal services all over the world are "losing battle against e-mail age" while in fact that scary "e-mail age" (or Internet age, as I would call it) should be the best thing they should hope could possible happen. Never before in human history we were buying so many goods from remote locations all over the world to be delivered by ... postal services! And now they want an end to Saturday delivery? They should start Sunday delivery. They missed the opportunity to start the biggest online payment system in the world so they should at least focus on being the best at delivering good bought on the Internet, not being worse still.

The "proliferation of e-mail and online bill-paying services" should have been started by USPS because they already had the infrastructure to do that and the client base. If back in the nineties everyone paying bills at USPS were told that they could do the same faster, cheaper and more conveniently at USPSpal.com then people would do that. The problem is not that the world is not friendly to postal services but that they don't want to change. They missed the train and now they want our help to survive. This has never worked in the long term before.

Trust me, you don't want the post office to have had any input on the design of the internet.

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 1) 46

Thought it might have incorporated the building architecture or something sort of cool. Instead, this is just a 80s video game projected against a blank wall at night. Instead of pressing the button to go left, you lean to the left to go left, the same as every other Kinect game but much simpler. Totally unimpressive.

I can see how moving might be a turnoff for you. Rest assured, there are many other people who like to move around.

Comment Re:Alright, I know how to be now. (Score 1) 473

I disagree, I believe that people should be constantly evaluating and giving consideration to all information they take in. After making decisions about who they want to be, they should change themselves to become the person they want to be.

Example: If you don't think you're a douchebag, but everyone is telling you that you are, then maybe you should consider the possibility that you really are a douchebag and you just didn't know it. Assuming that you are in fact a douchebag, you should consider whether it's worthwhile to change that characteristic.

The involvement of integrity implies that change is inherently unethical or immoral. That's just not true.

Agreed, however the primary attribute of the Douchebag is that they know it, and enjoy being one. Negative attention is still attention.

Comment Re:This is exactly the problem with the higher ups (Score 4, Insightful) 159

If you get high enough up in a company, you can do whatever you want, get in whatever trouble you want, and some smaller company will always hire you. Another recent(ish?) example I can think of is Mark Hurd from HP, Oracle immediately gave him a job.

The old boys club. It's killing industry worldwide.

Nope, it's the reward for building a ladder of other people's bodies to climb your way to the top.

Comment Re:It's a feature (Score 1) 360

Isn't no Farmville spam the entire selling point of Google+? Everybody I know using it is there precisely because it's NOT Facebook and doesn't have all the annoying spam (and even more annoying emo users) that make Facebook a wasteland of human stupidity.

Also, at what point has humanity not been comprised mainly of a wasteland of stupidity? And what, exactly is wrong with that? Some people were born/raised with the capacity to appreciate subtle culture. Other people were born/raised with the propensity to post pictures of their friends/family and talk about it online with each other.

If they enjoy playing a simplistic treadmill game and spending money on it, why shouldn't people develop content for that. It's not like Michelangelo-2012 is going to decide to shy away from creating a masterpiece so he can draw virtual cows for people to click on and breed.

Comment Re:It's a feature (Score 1) 360

Isn't no Farmville spam the entire selling point of Google+? Everybody I know using it is there precisely because it's NOT Facebook and doesn't have all the annoying spam (and even more annoying emo users) that make Facebook a wasteland of human stupidity.

Right, but Mr Ryan isn't addressing users, he is addressing people who are considering spending development money to create programs that will separate end users from their money. He is right that there are more of these types of people on Facebook.

Comment Re:Science and Christianity can't mix... (Score 2) 1014

If there was no fall, there was no need for redemption. If there was no need for redemption, there was no need for a savior. And without a savior, there is no Christianity.

There was still a "fall". The evolution of consciousness brings us the "fruit of the garden of eden" i.e. the knowledge of right/wrong, good/evil, i.e. free will. In this particular nugget, they are compatible.

Now if only "Jesus" can be transferred back into metaphor, and salvation to be considered knowing what good is and pursuing it, and asking for forgiveness when we transgress, rather than literally being interpreted as a magical bearded man born a few thousand years ago. That and forgiving me for terrible run-on sentences.

Comment Re:No standard so useless (Score 1) 542

I will set aside the public transit time; I never use it myself. With all the waiting time and endless stops at every corner it is indeed a waste of life.

You are very judgmental and close minded. Also, a little short sighted. I read, text, daydream, talk with my friends, draw, listen to music on public transit. Waste of life? It is life. Sitting in a car, where I can't really dedicate much thought to a complex topic that isn't the road? That is a waste of life.

Another item which most people without homes or family are easily overlooking is that cars are necessary to transport essential cargo, such as food, materials, and everything else that a household may require. You need a car to transport things and people when your relatives need that help. Car is not simply a people's mover - it is a cargo mover. Rare is a day when I don't carry some cargo in my car that won't fit on a bicycle. Long gone are the careless days when all I needed to deliver was myself. Today I carry metal pieces, electronic equipment, wood, tools, and all kinds of stuff that I need every day. I will go and collect a UPS package in an hour or so; it is so large that it can't be conveniently transported on a bicycle. I will throw it into the car and that's all.

Again, you're stretching here. I regularly carry groceries and things that are essential on my bike. Things that are larger, I have a bike rig that I connect to the back. It's convenient, easy. It takes less time to get to and from the store than in a car.

I'm glad that you've decided that riding the bus and riding a bike are wastes of time for you. It's your life. I'm shaming you for deciding that everyone else who had chosen to do these things is making a poor use of their time.

Comment Re:No standard so useless (Score 1) 542

As the Pacific Institute has shown, you'd have to be eating an all-beef diet to offset the environmental benefits of walking or bicycling.

You need to consider other factors too. Showers, for example, which bicycle riders use more often (after each trip.) You also need to count how one bicycle on a busy road affects efficiency of a 1,000 cars that have to slow down or otherwise navigate around the bicycle. And if you get into an accident (regardless of why) you need to count the carbon footprint of airlifting you to the hospital and treating you there for as long as it takes. But even if you don't get into an accident, what is the "carbon footprint" of you wasting your life on a bike instead of getting home earlier and doing something productive instead? You can't possibly suggest that riding at rush hour, among cars, is in any way healthy.

Really? The cars slow down for the bikes? I ride 20 miles a day, and those cars are pretty stationary waiting for the light to change during rush hour while I zoom past them. I easily shave half my commute time by riding a bike. So, "wasting my life" is a fallacy. Net time saving. I don't have to shower after every ride. I also don't get into an accident every time I ride. It seems as if you are reaching for something to be wrong with this.

Comment Re:supposedly obsolete tech (Score 1) 685

Seems to me that the trend isn't "the death of the PC" so much as "the rise of shiny toys for simpletons who don't know how to computer"

1) You are classist and are putting an artificial premium on your preference to use a very specific computer in a very specific way.

2) I would argue that the vast majority of people do not need to know how to use a computer. If they have a hand gadget that lets them watch video, listen to music, and stay in touch with people then the invisible hand has spoken

3) Don't all the slashdot form-factor fascists *want* these people off the PC platform so they stop influencing desktop OS design and bugfix priorities? I think the scouring throngs who are sunshine deprived would love for a second, separate internet / gadget platform to fork and splinter off so that they can wipe their cheeto stained hands on their shirt and return to their clackity and clunky desktops, unencumbered by the silent majority of luddites.

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